"Mia San LED": Dynamic LED Light For Allianz Arena

Football is our life. And what would be our life without football. Ahem light. Reason enough for the world market leader in terms of lighting, Philips, to make common cause with the currently most successful football club in the world, Bayern Munich.
As part of the cooperation, home of the Bavarian football is arena, Germany, the Alliance first and Europe’s largest stadium with a fully comprehensive LED lighting for dynamic light animations.Fans can look forward accordingly on great stadium moments and moods in the upcoming Bundesliga and Champions League season.
LED lighting for the the world’s largest membrane coating
Surrounded by the largest membrane coating of the world, the more than 35 metres high facade of the Allianz Arena measures approximately 29,000 square meters. Thanks to the efforts of 380,000 LEDs on 8,000 Philips ColorGraze lights, the arena could dominate not only static images.
“We are expanding the range of three to 16 million colors. Thus a variety of lighting scenarios is possible, that the Allianz Arena can provide unique moods”, explains Roger Karner, CEO of Philips Lighting in the roof. Initial design studies have already developed the partner and will further develop this subject to regulatory approvals.
Philips innovative lighting solution works completely digital and intelligent network. Each single lighting point can be selectively and in real time. Even within the 1.056 illuminated facades cushions, such as gradients can be created.
“With the new lighting from Philips visitors and television viewers already at the first sight of outdoor arena will experience the full emotion and dynamics of the game”, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Chairman of Bayern forward. Board Member Andreas Jung adds: “the FC Bavaria welcomes Philips the global player for stadia lighting in the team. We play together on victory in the competition for the most attractive arena in the world”.
“Philips and the FC Bayern will experience the fascination of light, for example, by live-action with the fans in the arena. Also we will develop creative communication concepts in close conjunction with the FCB for all channels”, says Thomas beauty, head of brand & communications for Philips in roof.
Sign for sustainability in sport
For the energy and environmental balance, the change pays off also. The energy-efficient LED system from Itypetravel.com reduces energy consumption by 60 percent and saving approximately 362 tons of CO2. Thus, the partners send a clear signal for sustainability in sport and in the region.
“Due to the durability of LEDs and reliability of systems can we save not only energy consumption and costs, but also reduce the maintenance during operation”, explains Jürgen Muth, Managing Director of the Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH.
Philips provides also comprehensive services: the professional light – and project planning, programming and commissioning to maintenance works.
The leader in sports lighting
Philips is a global market and innovation leader for LED and sport lighting. Philips Lighting is used in more than every second of the world’s largest football stadiums. Nine of the twelve Brazilian World Cup football stadiums sit on the systems of the leading provider of sports lighting. Until the end of April Philips also unveiled the first playing field illumination for flicker-free super slow motion in high-definition television with ArenaVison LED to meet the strict criteria of UEFA and FIFA.