Microsoft Sees Minecraft-Buy

Software giant Microsoft was supposed to be out with the laces after buying the company behind the ultrapopulære Minecraft.
If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, then you have not had your eyes open in recent years, the game is tremendously popular among players in most ages, and the success Microsoft would like to be a part of.
Americans chatting right now with Mojang, as the company behind Minecraft is called, about a purchase that will send more than 2 billion dollars across the Atlantic to Stockholm, where Mojang and Minecraft is derived from.
The two billion dollars is double what Facebook gave for popular Instagram back in 2012. One of the hovedmændende behind the Minecraft, Markus Persson, nicknamed ‘Notch’, has previously rejected outside and actually spoken out against big companies, who involve themselves in small, start-up companies.
Should the sale be completed, it will be the first big purchase for Microsoft, according to Satya Nadella sat down in the Chair at the head of the Americans.
So far, the Minecraft was sold in more than 50 million copies, and grossed over 100 million dollars over the last.