Microsoft Still Folding Sails, Now by Outsourcing The Support of The Lumias and Nokias

Three years have passed since Microsoft bought Nokia terminals division, and the truth is that this operation seems to It will not go down in history as one of the best business moves in the technology sector. Redmond’s were made with the manufacturer that it gambled more on Windows Phone, but your operating system market share hasn’t done rather than down since then, down 1% in important markets.
That situation It seems to have a clear culprit, the same Microsoft, that little by little has been neglecting its mobile hardware division, up to that point during 2016 has just launched a smartphone without prospect for new members of the Lumia family for a long time. And add to this today that Microsoft has announced the outsourcing of simple support for users of Lumias and phones from Nokia.
Companies outsource certain services need not be a bad sign, in fact it is something more than usual. Are many brands which entrust support to users, that means from the customer service to service, to companies specializing in it, but in the case of Microsoft it is nothing more than Another reflection of the desire of the Redmond out of the business of the mobile hardware.
In principle, the change will be beneficial for users
B2X, a European company that works with already works with several manufacturers, will be the new charge to support users of Microsoft mobile devices. The change will be, on paper, beneficial for users, Since mid-month you may download an app, Smartcare, that will allow them to make a diagnosis of your mobile phone and get in contact with the support. In addition, may also take out insurance with coverage extended to covers by manufacturer’s warranty.
As we say, that support B2X take it now and not Microsoft should not be a drawback for users, quite the opposite, but makes it clear what is the road that traversed by Microsoft in the mobile business. Theirs is no longer create new phones, that task is allowed to the few companies that opt for Windows Mobile, theirs is the software.