Mini Skirts and Fashion Sins

The other day at the noble Italian: two women and a young boy to pave the way by the local to their table. Both women are very, very slim and tall. Both women are almost equally tight. You wear a sleeveless micro mini dress in light A form and break-neck high heels without stockings. Twiggy says hello. Everyone in the restaurant turn the heads and track the spectacle – partly admiringly, disbelief, partly disapprovingly. One of the women appears to be a former model perhaps mid-40s. The other woman obviously is her mother.

Shocked or anything normal?

Account yet, or are you already shocked? Or find all normal? Imagine you just wonder what a woman looks in their 60s with a micro-mini dress? I could be described in this case, I want to be here but not rude.

Is there a limit to good taste and who defines it?

For me, this situation is a key frame: an example for the border between individual freedom of expression and a stylish appearance can be as fluent. A I’m a proponent of fashionable liberalism. Every woman has the right to attract so, how she feels at home and how she want to express their personality. On the other hand belongs to the social life together always a great deal of respect and consideration – talk: a necessary degree of adaptation to social rules. There is no fashion law, are however very difficult to fasten incursions in the fashionable area and in case of doubt by the subjective feeling of the observer-dependent. Can the eye file a libel suit? And if so, on what majority democratically established basis should be decided?

Do we need fashion censorship and a fashion police?

You see, in this area, there are far more questions than answers. More I’m with this topic, the harder it is to take a position. Women over 60 years of age, who should prohibit wearing micro-Minis? Or is the mini border may have 30, 40 or 50 years? Then the Madonna could immediately put to rest… But I saw even 20 years, which should be better no Minis. When I look around on the street, I discover so many alleged sins of fashion, but no fashion police – at least none with state license. Who would like to rely not only on his own taste, looks at the style Popes and Päpstinnen the fashion scene. They redefine the “DOS and Donts” for each season, depending on trends and aesthetic spirit of the times. I’m also only limited help. Especially if the result is a fashion dictates and I each season would have to buy a new outfit like leggings and skirt, to meet this. Everything is similar to the word ‘Dictatorship’, is everything “there is” and it “must bow to the” I already suspect – as indeed.

The measure of all things is the personal sense of well-being?

In an interview of the magazine InStyle (Edition June 2012), Madonna on the question answers how long women can wear sexy outfits: “as long as they actually feel good.” And fashion Director Marcus air dealing Gala (from the 05.07.2012) in his magazine style blog with the theme “Age limit for mini skirts”, says: “there is finally for all ages, every character, every type and every level of self-confidence the appropriate attire. One must simply ask in what clothes you feel comfortable (and therefore good). What says the environment is because secondary.”
What I’m running off of it? That fashion and style just are a very complex mixture. Variables, such as age, type of style and the will to use fashion as a form of expression for personal individuality, an important role to play in this context. And it comes to the limits of the so-called good taste, alone the self-confidence of the wearer decides whether and how strongly she oppose the just style rules. In the worst case, it is then just the confidence to endure the criticism and condemnation of the environment – and to still feel.

Should be good styling costs force or give strength?

I decided some time ago to wear no mini-skirts or shorts in public. It was not a sudden decision. The pieces of clothing that show a lot of leg, have just gradually abandoned my wardrobe. Following the example of natural selection “stronger” garments the terrain took over – clothing that flatters my figure, feels good on my body and gives me no self-doubt, but joy. I find clothing should cost no strength, but give strength. I can use the energy released very good for other beautiful things in life…
What do you think about an age limit for mini skirts and fashion dictates? That would really interest me!