Missed You Apple's Event yesterday? See or Revisit It Here.

Yesterday’s Apple event brought three promising products from tech-giant. You may experience, or review, the full presentation here.
It was one of the largest Apple Keynotes for a long time. The two new iPhones and Apple’s bet had their moments in the spotlight and a thorough introduction.
Unfortunately, the smoke that coke in mechanics. Live-streaming blinked for many who could not get on.
Streamed was temporarily restored, but multiple tracks crept into over presentation, at times accompanied by a Chinese translation.
Reached you not to watch the show, or the smoke connection, you now have the opportunity to revisit the event in its entirety.
Sea your popcorn ready, and fast-forward to 07:30 to see the iPhone 6 introduction or forward to 56:00 to see ‘ One More Thing ‘-the moment unfold.