Mobile and iPads in Bed Damage Creativity

You will be less innovative, if you reply to emails and the like with an iPad or mobile in bed.
Is you with your mobile phone, iPad or laptop in bed at night? Maybe you should throw the electronics out of the bedroom, and instead put the quilt good around you.
A new thesis from Roskilde University shows that if you lie and answers working mail in bed, you will be less enthusiastic, innovative and creative day,
One of the new candidates behind thesis Claes Ziehm Mortensen says:

“We can see that the employees who lay in bed at night with laptops and phones and answered mails, got a much more restless sleep, where they often woke. It was clear that when people had used the evening to answer, among other things, work emails in bed, they were less fresh at work the day after ”
The day after will be employees who have answered e-mails in bed less obvious, have less energy and worse interpersonal skills, which also goes beyond their creativity and innovative capacity, the study concludes.
Sleep researcher from Glostrup Hospital Birgitte Rahbek Kornum explains to our site that when night falls, the brain begins to produce melatonin, which causes our body to relax.
The highest level of melatonin is achieved at about a night, but if the body is disturbed with artificial light from for example the melatonin production will be staggered, iPads, and the first part of sleep less good.
If you want to follow the thesis recommendations, so throw the iPad and laptops on the port, and use the bed for what it is intended for: sleep!