Mobile Phone Tariff

Sharing is in: after Vodafone is now now also available at Media Markt and Saturn a mobile phone lines in the household members can share a data volume.
The electrical retail giant media-Saturn introduces a new concept of mobile phone tariff. Together with the mobile operator Telefónica, the Media Markt and Saturn chains want to win families and couples with a
new sharing plan for themselves in which they arbitrarily can share up to 11 gigabytes of data volume.
Up to six SIM cards
Up to six smartphones could thereby be equipped with SIM cards with their own phone number, said Phonejust. Last week, Telefónica competitor Vodafone had already submitted a similar sharing tariff.
Media-Saturn-Germany chef Wolfgang Kirsch said today many consumers would have more Internet-enabled devices from the Smartphone over the tablet to the camera – rapidly rising. “But only a few are ready to complete an additional contract for each device of each time,” Cherry said. Telefónica and the electronics dealer with the new wanted to take advantage of that.
More data
Telefónica wants more than offset the decline in voice and SMS services in data revenues, said Haas. British called Mobile average monthly to the 4 gigabytes of data, the German only about 0.8 gigabytes – but with faster networks the data amount will rise rapidly and growing rapidly and the number of devices: “We see very large volume.”
Super select should give it to the family fare in different sizes – the XXL package of 11 gigabytes and three SIM cards about 40 euros a month. The customer must pay more 4 euro per SIM card for 250 minutes or SMS, are due for a telephone and SMS flat rate €9,99 per SIM card.