Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 6

Mordaunt-Short has a slightly exotic image. The English tradition brand can be found despite many price performance crackers in the portfolio (avant 902i, AUDIO 3/07) again in fine Hi-Fi studios because in large retail stores.

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The name for German ears may sound so old-fashioned maybe, the technology that lies behind it is so fashionable. The mezzo 6 conserving quite British understatement: the Afar, gleaming silver aluminium membranes of the CPC mid-woofer (constant profiles cone) are namely not the real highlight of the dainty-looking one metre high pillar. Among of a scoop-shaped cover sits on the top of the box, protected from views and vibrations, the rubber-bearing ATT tweeters made of aluminium.
What of the symbol produced after American telephone company sounds and looks like a cross between a racing boat motor and Star Wars space shuttle in a State, is a vented tweeter, or a piece of aspirated tweeter technology, as they say in England. This design debuted with the performance series earlier settled in the range and let the tweeter from the rear ventilated through a rear Chamber with sophisticated ventilation openings swing free and clear.
Further details are carefully implemented: the upper part of the wall of sound is made of stiff aluminium, the loudspeaker terminals are so-called bullet plugs, a name that has a good reputation in relevant circles of tuning. Who does not believe in sound enhancement effects, can enjoy after all the bi-wiring terminals on the solid and practical implementation. Mordaunt-Short works at the Leila with two equally-sized chassis in the low mid frequency range, of which each bottom remains active in the deep bass, while the top is limited by a low-pass filter.
The Mordaunt-Short, which is decorated with a urbritian-sounding name, a contemporary, continental coordination with drawn out, but never intrusive heights showed in the listening test. Unlike earlier the presences worked on the island, quite slim, benefiting the transparency. Live recordings were formally through stormy presented applause; like the classic perfectly suitable for listening tests despite its expiry date “Hotel California” by the Eagles (“Hell freezes Over”, Warner). But not only clapping and heckling underscored the special atmosphere of the piece no longer dewy. Also the differentiated guitar made pace, although a tick could have granted her more body to the string. Similarly, launched the voice of Don Henley, who moved slightly backwards and appeared a tad bit less expressive. This inspired the Mordaunt-Short with razor-sharp imaging of individual sound sources.
Very tired and dry the drum sounds that do not close left on a so delicate box came. After some program changes, however showed that the mezzo 6 very cleverly focused on the kick drum or the marking of the bass strings, while at the bottom some volume was missing. This, the British had always contoured, sparkling and transparent.
Mordaunt-Short Mezzo 6

Manufacturer Mordaunt Short
Price €1200.00
Rating 78.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 22.0 x 100.0 x 28.0 cm
Weight 20.0
Technical characteristics
Bass principle Two-way bass reflex
Number of ways 2 1 / 2
Working principle of full Active
Connections BI-wiring
XLR connectors
Space adaptation
Surround complementary.
Laboratory characteristics
Maximum volume upper value 107 dB
lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 60 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 39 Hz
Nominal impedance (audio) 4 ohm
balanced, high resolution, punch, bass, excellent focus
Vote little bass Foundation, slightly set back
Bass quality 75
Bass depth (bass Foundation) 65
Attention to detail (precision) 80
Dynamic 80
Maximum level (vitality) 75
Neutrality 75
Imaging 90
Spatial (airiness) 80
Processing Very good
Sound judgment very good 78
tested in issue: 9 / 09