More Than 40 Black Prom Dresses

The elegance of the black to the dress has no comparison, and far from being a sad color is a color that highlights the female figure and allowing things like design, fabric and accessories be more players, it is no secret that the color can distract our attention from these little details.
But even Black color highlights your face and the maquillase and looks great in any occasion, a black dress is a Basic for us should not ignore it just by the comments that the black is a color that creates sadness, don’t miss this collection of black dresses that will make you rethink the idea of taking one or maybe more to your closet.
Prom dresses for night black long, short, 3/4 and gorditas! Long black dresses
Black long dresses have an advantage, this type of design allows to unify your figure making that you look more slender, glitters with black color use can bring attention to the areas of your body that suit you best, or conceal those that you don’t like so much, the black being a neutral color support to shape the figure.
Elegance is combined with your feminine figure, transparencies are commonly used to add visual texture, and that does not cause looks.
Short black dresses
In designs of short dresses played with freshness and cheerfulness, here the center of attention will be your legs, and but I do not believe it not lose elegance, color allows spectacular designs that will be the center of any meeting. Some time ago that the famous Coco Chanel gave rise to these designs in a collection called, Total black look the concept was playing with masculizar a little dresses and managed to create a unique collection that showed everything that is possible to achieve with this color in this color.
The short dresses add to the image a touch is sensuality that goes away with the mystery that this color prints on your image, black short dresses become in many cases in a true seduction very effective tool, but it is important to learn how to take them well.
Little black dresses three quarter 3/4
Now if think that generate an image a bit more stately is what require the dresses three quarters allow you do so revealing only a part of the leg, skirts flights made it to highlight and these are best suited for celebrations given by the afternoon or early evening, concerts or meetings that do not require as much label , in between these designs artists play with several elements, necks sleeves and skirt, neckline fabric texture, is choosing one that highlight the beauty of your figure.
Little black dresses for chubby or large sizes
Another advantage of little black gowns designs and that nobody can doubt is that it is look more slender, that are a must for the figures more plump, although many believe it is a color which remains light, the proper use of shoes handbags and accessories can make this choice one of the most beautiful, if you are looking to wear any dress and are gordita check this collection but pays attention to everything both combinations and accessories, and an excellent makeup can also make a difference.
It is necessary to always have at least a black dress, these are those who enter in the category of basic and mandatory that you allow, first hand a versatile dress that will go with any event and also one that it will leave you to look all the accessories you want without worry of combinations. Black dresses are a great support for us to dress well.