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Feather beds – beautify your four walls at comfortable prices!

Bed ceiling & head pillow – like for example spring beds – make a house a home. You can sit back and relax on the sofa after a day of feather beds and declare: “my home is my castle!”

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Feather beds as well as some other textiles from the collection of bed ceiling & head pillow deserve special attention when purchasing.  The quality evidence for feather beds and other products from the bed ceiling & head pillow will definitely attract your attention. Buy towels only in certified high quality source.

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Feather beds and more quality checks are subject to time and again and all home textiles were awarded with the standard 100 label. This high quality is underpinned by the raw materials which are used in the manufacture of featherbeds.

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Feather beds galore: monthly payments possible

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And if your finances do not currently allow a purchase of your heart, take a second look at the duvets product information. You can recognize very quickly what installments are possible for your favorite feather beds.

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The planned mobile, embedded or compacts are being increasingly used in homes and apartments, is to create a new environment or simply to make better use of small spaces.

According to architect Mariana Henrique Pereira Franzon Tamberg, built-in bed, before used only together with the Cabinet, today can be found along with desks, on the wall and even on the ceiling. “Innovative models bring solutions for small rooms or simply a different idea for those who want to create a modern space and bold” comments.

Who has rooms with two types of environments, such as bedroom, can embed the bed on the wall. By day, the environment is a clean room and, at night, in a matter of minutes, the room gives room for one or two single or double beds.

When closed, the bed turns into a panel with decorative purposes, which will bring more style to the environment.

In a simpler model and redesigned, it is possible to find a bed built into the wardrobe. To avoid problems with the structure, the bed is attached to the Cabinet.

Other models well sought after are the ones that are inside shelves. Are also recommended for two in one, with Office and guest room, for example. While it is used as an Office can count on the shelf for storing books and other belongings and, to be used as a bedroom, just pull the bed out of the bookcase.

Another interesting option is the bed with desk attached. “During the night the mobile is a single normal bed, during the day can be used for studies”, explains. The top mattress and soar, giving rise to a bench that can be used as a table. Simple and practical for young people or for those working in the home-office system.

Multifunctional furniture can be the glory for those who live in homes or very small apartments.

The bunk bed, as well as providing a greater interaction among the children, is also a great solution to optimize the children bedroom space. Nowadays, the cabinet can be more than just a bed on top of the other. Just use creativity to have a fairly functional bunk and also fun, how should a child environment. But before choosing the model, it is important to remember that not only functionality and beauty are important. You have to consider also the safety of the children.

The functionality of the bunk bed is key piece in time to choose the model, since it is possible to gain space in the room. “Before the bunk was only a bed on top and another below, and may also have futon. Currently if you have bunks, engaging not only beds, but also cupboards and countertops to study, “says the architect Juliana da Mata.

Before choosing, you must first assess the need of small. If they have lots of toys, clothes and objects, the ideal is to choose one that has compartments, as closet and drawers. If they are already at an age who need a place to focus, you can consider a bunk bed that incorporates also a bench for study.

In an adult’s room, the ideal is to use more sober shades, if the use of the bunk bed is necessary. But, as we are dealing with a children’s room, anything goes with respect to colors, including being able to play with the colors in the composition of the elements in the bunk. The important thing is to let the cheerful.

After that I thought the bunk project in terms of functionality and beauty, make sure you focus on another very important point: the safety of children. “Children under five years should not use bunk beds, unless you stay in the bottom bunk and with protection. In addition, the protection should not just be in bed, but also on the stairs and on any route the child going to do up and down “, explains the architect Juliana da Mata Office architecture.

If your child tends to have a sleep and move a lot during the night, it is recommended that you invest in a model with two-sided Grill. In relation to the material, the metal bunk beds are more resistant, but tend to creak and could disrupt the night of a child who has a light sleeper. Wooden tend to be quieter, but if they wear in any area, can open barbs. Metal ladders already can be slippery, watch out.

Pay attention even in the space between a bed and another to prevent the child hit his head and monitor sporadically if the bunk bed is firm. If she is swinging, need an adjustment. “It is important to be careful even with the lighting to hang back from the upper bed. It is also important that the bunk bed is positioned away from Windows and stay in a way that the air conditioning or fan does not blow or turn around the person will lie down in bed, “adds Juliana.