Motorola H680

The H680 for 70 euro looks pretty, can be exemplary and impresses with decent sound. Here the test report of the Motorola headset with the Sony Ericsson W890i.

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Bluetooth headset need to sound not only good, they must be something for the eye. The Motorola H680 stands two requirements in nothing and fits the current style-fever of the IT world.

With his black high gloss polishing and the silver-coloured frame, appears the smart mobile companion very elegant and makes a stable overall impression. For 70 euros, simply put yet a practical loading box US Americans with in the packaging – thus, the headset is always safely stowed away and cleaned up.

Pleasant service and acoustics

We must pay tribute to the Motorola for its pleasant handling. The pressure point of the keys is cleanly defined, operation worked without any problems even while driving – thus, the Motorola became a top model in terms of handling.

The H680 battery performance varies depending on the registered mobile only slightly and the operating time of around ten hours the Motorola won’t cut off the Word also Chatterboxes; However, usually more condition shows other headsets, for this it distinguishes itself with a good sound result.

In practical use, and on the test drives the fancy headset with a clean speech and noise free sound convinced us – who needs no Marathon headset, so can access.

Technical data and test results

Volume control / mute Circuit /
Charger 220V / 12V (car) /
USB charging cable
Battery / battery replaceable Li-ion /.
Profile: Headset / Handsfree /
Standby time / operating time 6T 12:54:00 / 10:32:00
Volume value send / Receiving directionB 6.1 / 13.0
Distortion of transmit and receive direction (dB) -25.7 / – 21.8
Weight headset / charger (g) 10.7 / 140
Betriebszeit30 29


ENDURANCE up to 150 well (117)
Standby time / Betriebszeit120 / 30 88 / 29
FACILITIES 50 satisfactory (35)
HANDLING up to 150 well (117)
Processing / operation 20 / 40 18 / 38
Comfort / weight 55 / 35 43 / 18
Acoustics up to 150 satisfactory (106)
tested in issue: NC3 / 09