Motorola Has Been Ahead of Everyone

Just a week after we do we echo that Motorola had published notes of version 5.1 of Android Lollipop for North American versions of the bike 2015 E pointing to an imminent update, have begun to warn that a large number of users of the Forum XDA his devices have begun to upgrade.
This way the Moto E 4G, the latest range of input from the American manufacturer, has begun to upgrade on their own land, so that during the next few weeks we should see how This OTA Android 5.1 Lollipop It starts to reach also the users of other countries.
As we can see thanks to this screenshot posted by one of the users of the Forum, This update takes a few good 258,8 MB of space. With this movement Motorola again sign up somewhat from manufacturers such as Samsung, which do not intend to update their latest devices, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, until the coming month.
To update the E bike need to have the original firmware of the device and a system partition without modifying, so in XDA advised that If you have the mobile rooted or with a custom recovery necesitaríais to return to Flash the stock firmware to upgrade, and then already you can rootearlo and install your recovery once more.