Museu Do Funchal Reopens Doors in Center of the City

The Toy Museum in Madeira will reopen the doors to the games of this and other times on December 20, after having been 10 years installed in the private home of its owner.
The Toy Museum of Madeira will reopen the doors next Saturday, December 20, in Funchal, after having been ten years installed in the home of its owner, Borges Pereira.
The museum is housed in the Mercado Armazém, on Calle Coelho, in the old part of the city, owned by Francisco Costa, president of the Madeira Development Society.
“It is with him that I have a partnership,”said Borges Pereira, who was “very enthusiastic” about this new project.
According to the owner of the estate,”the pieces are the same, but the concept is different.”
“We are going to renew the pieces more frequently, because in the previous space they were one on top of the others and now the rotation will be possible, to always have new things to see,” he explained, noting that in this new place the museum is integrated into a private project , Will have an additional 50% of exhibition area and will be distributed over two floors.
In this place there is the ‘Casa’, dating from the eighteenth century, which was an embroidery factory in the middle of the last century.
This space is the result of a restoration of this old ‘House’ and a reconversion of the space of the warehouse and factory, in a project developed by the architect Paulo David, which aims to contribute to the revitalization of the city, creating a new commercial and cultural pole.
The toy museum has about 20,000 pieces and, according to the owner, in the previous space there were about 5,000 pieces that had never been exposed and which could now be an asset.
An automaton, a tortoise and a rope pigeon, a tricycle riding dog, steam engines and magic lanterns are the museum’s oldest toy play pieces, some dating back to the late 19th century.