My First Camping Adventure

I’ve sucked tents not just with mother’s milk. We’ve done holiday on a campsite, but my parents then opt for a holiday apartment or chalet. When my best friend asked me whether I would like to explore Europe by train (InterRail) with her, in our senior year I hesitated for a short period of time. I, with a backpack to lug around and stay in a little igloo tent? Why not? Reach us as future students everywhere and – important – it was not that expensive.

With the Backpack on the train into
Two days after graduation our parents brought us to the train in Emmerich (D). We were armed with a large, heavy backpack. My friend wore the tent, I the sleeping mats and sleeping bags. Somewhere a camping stove (with a torch), two pots, two plates, two cups and cutlery was in our backpacks. We had taken both for 600 Dutch guilders at traveller’s cheques, which we had to go up to get cash. Withdraw cash at ATMs was already possible, but abroad could not be used at that time still the bank card. We wanted to try to endure it with this amount a month.
Fraud of Paris
Our first destination was Paris. We at Gare you North arrived and went in search of the subway. Here, we were accompanied by a friendly Parisian. We thought… It turns out that he was an ordinary crook. Our Metro ticket towards the Bois de Bologne cost a fortune. So on the first day we had brought out an assets little for us due to our naivety. Luckily we had pitched our tent quickly and Paris made good on much, but because Paris was an expensive city, we drove two days later on in the direction of Bordeaux. To get there, we wanted to take the night train, but this failed.
Since, we, were, all alone, at the Gare North you. Not a very attractive prospect. Of course we were sent away from the train station and we spent the night on the street. Fortunately for us, 17 Bulgarians suffered the same fate and they took care of us. Soon, with some drinks and good music, it was light.
Scorched eyelids
We ultimately took the day train to Bordeaux and decided to stay in Arcachon on a campsite in the vicinity of the sea. There, we got a very long walk in the blazing sun with our heavy backpacks. About every third car honked and shouted after the two. blond girl… The camping was great and the nearby Supermarché even better. I’ve also never enjoyed a so ice cold orange juice. Arcachon was very nice and the glorious Beach, but the combination of Sun and wind on the Atlantic coast is but other than those in the East of the Netherlands. Result: Burned knees, armpits and even eyelids.
Viva Venezia
Bordeaux out, we traveled to Villeneuve at Nice. There it was only a short stop on the way beautiful, but for us to Venice and to celebrate my 18th birthday.
Around Venice is all well organized for tourists; Water taxis, shuttle buses, taxis. Sufficient opportunities to get into the city. Venice was charming and even without card and sense of direction, we arrived on the Piazza San Marco. A drive would have been very nice, but unfortunately our budget has not approved them. We wanted to stay away approximately two weeks and more than three quarters of our budget was already spent.
Chill out in Yugoslavia
After all the trafficking in human beings in the city we wanted nothing at all times a short time except for swimming and lounging and the train took us to the former Yugoslavia. From Trieste, we took the train to Ljubljana, where we within had to change from a quarter of an hour, so that we could reach our next destination Zadar. Fifteen minutes should be enough. We thought… But no. Information boards there not and helpfulness obviously also not. Result: Four hours waiting for the next (late) train arriving very late in the evening in Zadar. Luckily we were able to still rebuild our tent and our neighbors enlighten us while we mounted the tent. The campsite was near the sea, so finally laze. We wash the clothes there on old fashioned Waschbrettern. Our menu consisted of a jam sandwich in the morning and dry pasta in the evening, because even the sauce was too expensive for us.
Luckily, we had great neighbors who occasionally cooked for us with six Italian young men. Together we have proved insecure, and on the way to the discotheque the local disco we, that 8 people in a Fiat Panda already fit. The time was beautiful with a caretaker, who played the most beautiful songs at night around the campfire in Yugoslavia.
Waking up in Vienna
After 10 days of Zadar, it was time to go hauswärts. We said bye to our Italian friends, who also left. We took the train to Vienna, and remained there some days. We found a campsite with plenty of shade. We set up our tent under a tree and it was quite a difference with all other campsites, where around 7:00 from our ‘burned’. In Vienna, we slept until 11:00.
For two days, we looked at all Vienna sights and then finally went home. In Vienna, our train-went after various stopovers, of course – in one go to our goal of Emmerich.
I would want to miss my first camping adventure in spite of some difficulties for a gold in the world, but as ‘Back to Basic’ I no longer went on vacation. When you young and on the way to warm places is actually man, on the other hand, what needs. But nowadays we take more things and even cooking on more than one burner is somewhat more convenient.