Nail Art with Daisies

What could be more beautiful spring flowers? Here’s the nail art with daisies: a bit of spring on the nails to make beautiful your hands with a hint of color and creativity! Curious to see the trendiest ideas?
With longer days and the first signs of spring that advances can’t make you find unprepared and not having a spring-themed manicures to best accommodate the change of season.
The nail art with daisies sono just what you’re looking for because they’ll give you a chance to embellish your nails in so many different ways.
The basic colors to choose from are endless and range from nuance‘s pastel, very trendy this year, vivid colours with glossy or matte finish, while the designs and decorations range from the most traditional to the colorful, stylized daisies, mini or maxi.
Even the least imaginative will find some nail art ideas with daisies that will love and that will not be able to do without having to give a touch of brightness and freshness to manicure!
If you are a beginner but you still want to enjoy a nail art DIY with, don’t worry: it’s easy to draw them! To get started choose one enamel mat or glossy as the base, roll it out and let it dry thoroughly. Once dry, proceed with the daisies on the nails design.
Get yourself a dotter for nails, namely manicure tool consisting of a handle, made of wood or plastic, on which is mounted a steel tip ending in a tiny ball. This tool will allow you to easily achieve polka dots, lines and decorations on nails of various kinds and thickness.
With your dotter created the cue ball Daisy with a central yellow enamel or color you prefer then, always with the dotter, created around the Center dots or lines Daisy rounded at the end with the white or the color of your choice and make flower petals.
The first Daisy is made! Now you can decide whether to continue to decorate your nails with other different dimensions or daisies if beautifying manicure with small colorful details or points of light passing, for example, a coat of glitter enamel. Terminate all the nail art with daisies with a good clear top coat to obtain a luminous effect and increase the estate.
If you have exceeded the stumbling block of the first Daisy, why not try copying all spring nail art with daisies proposed in the gallery? Explore all combinations of colors, the combinations, the most original and bright ideas to make your own unique and special!