Nail Spa

I had posted something like that ever in the way want it but take me to, to document my updated nail routine, because it is really top right now in the winter.
Everything begins with the cleaningof the nails of course – should they be still painted, I do remove the nail polish with acetone-free nail polish remover. Because nail polish remover dries out the skin to something, I go directly to the “ultra clean hand scrub” by p2 on the sink and my hands give a thorough cleaning with peeling. The skin is blood flow after that very delicate and pleasant.
After I file my nails. For this, I use the “Professional nail file 4 in 1” by essence. I do not use step 3 and 4 funnily, as averse to work with my nail surface, because it is anyway quite thin. My nails are relatively stable, but barely I welcome around it up a bit, the nail is thin and ungrateful. That’s why you don’t need no smoothing and polishing – yes even actually.
Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the file, because the grain for me is ideal. Also, it is quite pricey, which is why I also often times buy them after. I have also always a spare file at home.
After filing I wash off again briefly the hands with water, to remove the dust.
Then we continue directly with the cuticles. I never cut the cuticles, but move them out only, or remove what is with the “cuticle Remover” of NFU-Oh (you can eg → buy here). I only wear on the Remover on one hand on all nails and let it soak in for short. Then I use the cut side of a rosewood stick (“Rosewood sticks” by p2), to push away the dissolved cuticle (or nearly “to scrape”). I use the long side, directly to push back the cuticles something.
If I’ve done it all, I use the more recently then “cuticle gel with honey + propolis” by p2. I give a small drop onto each nail and massage it gently up. Then I wait until everything is retracted. The gel is really pleasant – I’ve used it several times now and notice that my skin has become significantly softer. Probably it’s not just the gel, but I think that it contributes too much.
Mostly I do then take a break. Because before I carry on the “anti-split coat” by p2 , I clean my nails again – this removes fat layers, etc., keep the paint better. For this, I’m simply conventional disinfectants.
I’m so wearing a layer of “anti-split coats” and wait until it is dry.
Not least is then (most of the time before going to bed, because I’m doing this care often in evenings in front of the TV), the “apricot cuticle cream” by p2 applied to the nails and rubbed. I love not only the wonderful fragrance of this cream, but also the care effect – and that is really great! The next day, I have beautiful nails!
For my current Companion is the “urea hand cream” by BALEA. I’ve equipped now with the (almost) complete “urea” series by BALEA me and am very happy with it! My hands are very dry in the winter and rough, but with this hand cream is great.
What I find wonderful – up on the “Cuticle Remover”, which is a slightly more expensive product with less than €10,-, cheap and easy-to-Resevations beauty  nail care products are about. There are p2 and essence in each dm (essence even when Müller and Kaufhof) – the p2 nail care products are made from the extra shelf that you have to search something sometimes, but as far as I know, there’s dm anyway in each.
In contrast to the essence nail product shelves, that unfortunately there is no dm in “my”.
You have also a certain nail routine?
Or her busy little so you more?
Do you have any other recommendations?