Natural Beauty – Jewelry Collection

Natural beauty – the twelve thirteen collection is just in time for the summer in a new light. Hand-selected gems were thereby transformed into the trendiest summer colors of natural beauties. Discover everything about the new line of jewellery and the new design of the company here and enjoy the new gemstone bracelets enchant.

Current summer trends

The summer will be a blast! Refreshing shades of Red coral or related contrast rich dark blue tones dominate this summer. White from head to toe as a total-look, beautiful pastel tones or entirely true to nature: shades of brown to black are a must in summer 2015! Natural beauty is the senior claim.

All gemstone bracelets at a glance:

Creek – jade turquoise

White in combination with turquoise refreshes your outfits this summer and reminds of the South seas, and is therefore a guarantee for summer mood. You have finished with gold accents with the square Creek jewelry piece the perfect beach companions.

Haze – turquoise

White is and remains the most fashionable color of every summer, the best from head to toe. With the square haze bracelet complete the trendy white total look perfectly. (Currently unfortunately not available in the online shop)

Chestnut – Tiger’s eye

Brown Tiger eye processed as square chestnut bracelet is a true natural beauty! While the brown-gold acts combination particularly elegant, whether to the business look or summer walking. This bracelet is a must and should be found in every jewelry box according to Allcitycodes.

IRIS – Amethyst

In addition, that shines through the purple amethysts in the fabulous pastel tone Sqaure Iris . The Golden details perfectly complement this eye-catcher!

Eclipse – coral

Coral, strong processes in our square Eclipse bracelet, is definitely an eye-catcher. The Fiery combination of black and strong red tones is absolutely trendy. (Currently unfortunately not available in the online shop)

Dusk – blue lapis

Also rich dark blue sets you masterfully and gives you the option with the square dusk bracelets rays – wear your personal summer night on the wrist and give any outfit that certain something.

Hollow – Onyx matte

The matte Onyx makes the Square Hollow an accessory of the extra class. Elegant and restrained at the same time.

Moonlight – Onyx

On the other hand, that shines square Moonlight bracelet in black and gold and is a well-known and beloved combination!

Natural beauty products – squares

The Twelve Thirteen Jewelry – lovers noticed sure now, that with this collection all on squares is used and created a new trend! Of course, not abandoned you to the trendy gem balls, but brings new forms in the assortment, which expands the possibilities of the combination several times with security. The new design is simple and boasts elegance, however, is an absolute eye-catcher, which picks up the current fashion trend!
Natural beauty refreshes your summer with new colors and the distinctive square look and makes it the must-have for your jewelry box. Discover men’s jewellery and women’s jewelry online now.