Navigation and More

Navigation, music or design: Sony Ericsson would like to dance with his three new phones at many weddings.
Sony Ericsson has unveiled three new phones CES in Las Vegas at the electronics fair. In the W760i, the manufacturer will take a mobile phone with built-in GPS navigation for the first time. Maps is provided for 19 European countries. Also, the slider comes with powerful much multimedia, from a 3.2-megapixel camera up to interesting game functions.
Music and more
The new Walkman phone W350i is optimized for musical entertainment. In addition, it wants to impress with an exceptional design. So comes the eleven millimeters thin phone with a half flap.
Clamshell phone for ladies
Also the Z555i wants to highlight with a sleek case. The surface of the folding cell phones shows up as glittering front. The inside is not quite as exclusive.
On the following pages and in the gallery you will find all information and details on the new Sony Ericsson phones.

W760i: Powerful Multimedia

The W760i is not only the first GPS phone from Sony Ericsson. It wants to bring also mobile fun.
As navigation cell phone provides the slider W760i cards to 19 European countries, gives audible instructions and leads to over 20 million points of interest. Who is walking on the road, can turn a step counter, which measures the traveled way and tempo.
Makes players hearts beat
Gamblers uses either in red or black available sliding cell phone next to the brand new GPS feature. Dual speakers and special sensor keys to gambling as also the pre-installed racing game “need for speed” to boost the mobile gaming.
Shake instead of playing
Like the W in the name suggests, the phone shows musical. The MP3 player offers in addition to the familiar features of a Walkman phones also extras such as SensMe, a search function for songs depending on the mood, as well as shake control of the phone you simply shakes to get to the next song or the order to mix.
For the 3-megapixel photos, music and games to find also place on the phone, Sony Ericsson attaches great microSD card a 1 GByte. Fürs surfing available UMTS with HSDPA and EDGE.

Cute&Harmless: W350i And Z555i

The two phones W350i and Z555i target more flavorful demanding users, as a buyer on technically-blessed.
Sony Ericsson grabbed the mobile technology of the W350i in an original shell. The front with its player keys can be fold down to half – behind the keyboard appears. This looks familiar to you? No wonder, after all, did so a design already at the Smartphones Sony Ericsson P990i and P800i.
Good price, no frills
But the content of the W350i not aimed at business, but provides an average equipment, as a 1.3 megapixel camera and a 2-inch display with moderate resolution in addition to the Walkman features. The price is not fixed yet, Sony Ericsson but speaks of the “lower priced”. So, it is clear that hardly any high-end functions may be expected.
Four free talk
In addition to the three mobile phones, Sony Ericsson unveiled four new Bluetooth headsets. The headset HBH-PV712 come in two replaceable upper shell and provide a talk time of up to 15 hours.
The headset HBH-PV708 to deliver an exceptionally clear sound thanks to noise reduction. Available in silver and pink.
The HBH-PV770 is very discreet headset in a carbon look with mini display to a. Rather than to hang it with a clip on the ear, sits the listener directly into the ear. Optimally for eyeglass wearers, which would otherwise destroy a temple.
Also brand new to the Sony Ericsson portfolio: the Bluetooth stereo headset HBH-DS205. Remote control your music, take calls or adjust the volume. The phone remains in your pocket.
All headsets will be in stores in February. Prices are not fixed yet.