Necklace with Gemstone Donut and Velor Ribbon

This necklace is really super easy to make! You will need even no tools, just the materials.
You need the following:
at least 3 m of velor Ribbon in the desired color
1 gemstone donut 3 cm or 4 cm

Different metal or glass Pandora style beads, at least 6 pieces
At the beginning of cut 2 piece velor Ribbon by 1 m length. Longer goes well but you need at least 2 x 1 m.
Double knot the straps on each side of the donuts. You can also simply our site’s, it also (Figure 1).
Velor Ribbon left over by the cut 2 x about 35 or 40 cm. It must be not the same length. These bands also below fold to the our site. Ensure that the fringe are uneven (Figure 2).
Now thread some large hole beads and make a knot so you won’t drop (Figure 3). I’ve used here no metal beads and thin glass beads. They had exactly the right color. You can thread of course also more beads.
On the upper suede strap thread too large hole beads. If you are satisfied, tie both ends of the velor belt just together (Figure 4).
The chain is then easy to pull the correct length to them over your head. No locking is required!
You can make even an extra knot and stringing there extra beads. But expect at least 10 cm extra length for the velor Ribbon per knot. Otherwise, the string is too short.
Have fun!