Necklace with Velor Ribbon

This necklace is stylish and easy to manufacture. With large silver foil glass beads, you chain a part of the chain. The other piece is completed with velor Ribbon.
The advantage is that you can use these great beads without having the chain is too heavy. I have threaded like really big beads, but a whole chain thereby, can be a bit hard.
You need the following:

  • 5 Brown silver foil glass beads
  • 1 unit of brown glass beads(of which 4 remain left, nice for earrings)
  • 1 gold plated eye pins
  • 1 m Brown suede belt
  • gold plated claspand extension chain or split ring
  • 1 gold plated end caps for the velor Ribbon (it need only 2)
  • 1 gold plated jump rings
  • Tools you will need the regular pliers: diagonal-cutting pliers, flat-nose pliers and round nose pliers.

Each bead is prepared separately to the riser, so: on the pen thread and an eye-making (see description crafting tip 19).
When you are finished, connect with each other, round and square beads alternating each eyelet. Best, open and close the eye to the page, just like when the bending rings, see craft tip 23. Next, a bending ring on each side of the last Pearl will be mounted. Thus, the middle section of the beads is then ready.
Measure then how long it has become. Probably between 22 and 25 cm. The best is a final chain length from 45 to 48 cm. The personal taste and that the mass of the neck of course play a major role in the length of the chain. The linked piece is 25 cm long, then you must expand by about 20 cm is 10 cm on each side. Happen again 2 cm for the end caps and the CAP. Then cut two 20 cm suede band. It is used twice, so you need 2 x 20 cm. That move through the jump rings and attach the end caps. Follow our site Tip 22, then close the velor Ribbon. Fasten the clasp and Extender chain and your necklace is finished!
With this description, they have thousands of ways from Getzipcodes to combine pearl necklaces, give the free rein to your creativity!