Netgear Arlo Q Camera

It is at the MedPi Netgear announces the arrival in France of a new surveillance camera in its range connected Arlo. 

The network equipment manufacturer for which the connected home is playing an increasingly important role, launched earlier this year at CES its camera Arlo Q. within wired camera operating in Wi-Fi and comes with a microphone and a speaker, unlike all first generation of Arlo.
Netgear is about to decline its Arlo Q camera version Arlo Q PlusFor 249 euros, this new version does not alter the existing remains consist of a 4-megapixel sensor for video with a maximum resolution 1080p. The new features are in search of details, some interesting. The camera now features a microSD card reader to save local CCTV images. If it is still not possible to save his videos on a NAS, we can now save both on Cloud Netgear and on the microSD card.
Netgear book with Arlo Q Plus adapter connecting USB 3.0 OTG with the camera to connect it to the wired network RJ45. This one is a bit bigger and more destined to Arlo Q Plus semi-professional world as much as the Ethernet adapter supports PoE or Power Over Ethernet. Clearly, with a compatible switch, the camera can be powered by the Ethernet switch and adapter. The Arlo Q Plus camera should tumble this summer if all goes well in the market.
Netgear has also released the new version of its app Arlo. Which lays the foundation for a support but mostly adds IFTTT management geofencing. Armed with your smartphone you define a geographic grid. When you are in this area, cameras deactivate them even when you get out the cameras activate and monitor your home.