New Clinique Pop Lipsticks

Since mid-April 2015, the new Clinique Pop Colour Collection will be on sale.Beautiful, colorful and durable for hours, we will conquer all women with their 16 shades will satisfy all.
Launched a few days ago at the international level the new line of Clinique lipsticks soon conquer all of us girls. It’s called Pop Clinique Lip Colour, and it is a line of well 16 lipsticks.
According to MakeupNecessities, the lipsticks Clinique Lip Colour Pop have a rich formula, but incredibly light that blends vivid colors with a moisturizing primer. The texture looks soft and silky at the same time that a person velvety result. The color is long-lasting and is able to keep the lips hydrated for many hours. Also, it is tried against allergies and fragrance-free 100%. It is 2 in 1 lipsticks that mix color depth and smoothing serum and moisturizer.
The soft, creamy texture makes it easy to spread the product on the lips ensuring hydration and strong pigmentation that persists over time thanks to the unique primer contained within the lipsticks. The primer and to ensure a maximum duration allows smooth the natural folds of the mouth. The velvety finish and semi-opaque Clinique Pop Lip Colour collection does not dry out your lips, but unlike many other lipsticks on the market keeps them silky. The new Pop Lip Colour by Clinique are available in 16 shades which go from bare pink to burgundy / plum, through the wonderful shades of purple / fuchsia and red of course inevitable bare nuance.

The colors

Nude Pop, flesh pink Cola Pop, brown Bare Pop, nude pink Beige Pop, nude beige Melon Pop,Orange Poppy Pop, red coral Passion Pop, Burgundy Cherry Pop, intense red Sweet Pop,light pink Punch Pop, magenta Wow Pop, fuchsia Fab Pop, red Love Pop, deep pink plum Pop, brown Berry Pop, plum Grape Pop, purple