New HTC-Rumors up to October-Event

In October holder HTC a event in New York, and now there are new rumors about the impending showcasing.
Part bread crumbs have pointed out that HTC the 8.October in New York will show an action camera. However, there may be more in store, among other things, with thought for the title ‘ Double exposure’, and it may have with HTC One (M8) to do.
Listen to jungle drums, so can be for hear about HTC Eye. There should be something that in rough outline is an HTC One (M8), but which has got a better camera.
There should still be talking about HTC’s DuoKamera, but on the other hand, should the HTC have gone away from their UltraPixels. The idea behind UltraPixels is otherwise that they are bigger and should capture more light, and it would provide better images.

Upgrade on two fronts

A larger pixel-number, however, is not the only thing that is rumor. think to know that another rumor HTC phone, HTC Life, also get an influence. HTC Life was supposed to be an Htc One (M8), which has been upgraded with QHD display, Snapdragon 805 processor and 3 GB RAM.
GSMdome speculates that it actually are one and the same entity, which will go under the name HTC Life, but which will incorporate the updated camera.
With HTC’s action-camera almost certain, at least at the base, so would a rumor update of HTC’s flagship be a welcome addition to the program in New York.