New iPhone Can Be Felt with Insurance Companies

Evil tongues have long postulated that certain Apple users are utilizing the insurance companies, but now there will be figures on the table.
Apple’s products is at the high end of the price scale, and iPhone’n is no exception. Therefore, there is every year a part that looks average to exploit their insurance company, by getting money for a newer model.

Is insurance sinners just a myth?

The insurance company Gjensidige stands now with numbers and graphs of insurance cases. It shows a clear trend, with clear peaks near a new iPhone launch.

Experience of Gjensidige Insurance shows that there will be an increase in the number of reviews for stolen, lost, or otherwise defective phones up to, and after the launch of a new iPhone.
The last few years we have seen a correlation between the launch of a new iPhone and an increase in the number of customers that is lost or damaged their phones and report it to us. It of course gives rise to wonder at why the number of injury reviews rises exactly at the time, “says Kim Rud-Petersen, Executive Director of Nordic in Gjensidige Insurance.

An old iPhone does not trigger new model

The idea of switching his old iPhone out with a newer model, without even paying, might seem tempting for some. But quite as easy going not necessarily. A stolen iPhone 5 provides not just automatically a new iPhone 6.
First and foremost, requires insurance companies to pay compensation for a police report of a stolen phone. Next comes the fact that you don’t necessarily get paid a compensation to match the price of a newer model than the one it already had. In fact, in some cases, the customer will receive a phone mate to it, they are seeking damages for, “explains Kim Rud-Petersen.
The graph of the iPhone, however, a little early, topper 5S without any clear explanation. Figures can be interpreted as that the people have learned that an insurance review will not automatically acknowledged with a new model.
We have been asking whether they are experiencing the same trend with Gjensidige Samsung owners and their Galaxy S-series, but has not yet received a reply. Do you think the figures and the graph will look identical?