New Star Soccer, Footballer Rookie Star of The Sport

We constantly see in the app stores football games that make us to control a whole team and, in the best of cases, follow a full season. However, there are few that focuses on the development of single-player and get him to do well, and New Star Soccer It is one of those exceptional cases, both our colleagues from Kotaku considered one of the best in 2012.
As we have said, in this game we do not control a whole team, but only to a player, that we can put the full name that you want. Starting at the age of 16 in a regional club, we will be climbing posts to participate in the major leagues and continental and global, both Club and national team competitions.
The gameplay is very simple, perhaps too, but don’t need anything more. We can only control our character in the plays in which we participate, as some passes, shots at door, are intercept passes instead and free throws, the rest of the time we will see the development of the party as his was a football score. To control the passes and shots simply must decide the direction and intensity and then kick the ball to give the desired effect, that added to the strength and direction of the wind may make the difference between make or lose the ball.
But what makes this game great is the influence of our actions in the match in the advancement of our career. We will have to play well and as a team to please the coach, our teammates and the fans to raise our level of Star, enabling us to aspire to best contracts and higher level equipment.
Also has some functions of Modern RPG, as they are the statistics of power, free throws, technique and vision, among others, that will make us perform better in matches. Its biggest drawback is the price, which is of €2,49, perhaps something elevated, but supplements it very well entertain us more than ten hours, with what is a very interesting investment.

New Star Soccer Version 1.19

  • Version of Android: from 1.5
  • Developer: New Star Games Ltd
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: €2.49 s
  • Category: Games