Next-gen Consoles Disappoint As a Blu-ray Player

video has extensively tested in the test whether one of Xbox and PlayStation 4 as well as home entertainers and home theater players are suitable. The result is at least surprising.
PS4 & Xbox one to disappoint in the home cinema test: as Blu-ray players, consoles are still no good alternatives.
We test for home theater quality PS4 and Xbox One : eight core processors, large memory, fit for games in ultra-HD resolution, networked gaming and cloud-based applications – the best game consoles of the planet are there. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one side are Blu-ray player and offer more or less extensive entertainment away from the gaming world.
PS4 & Xbox one: Home Theater-test
PS4 & Xbox one: Home Theater test Xbox & PS4: no UHD, no 3D Xbox & PS4: online entertainment Xbox & PS4: television only when Microsoft Xbox & PS4: qualities of the player Xbox & PS4: conclusion
Thus the PlayStation 3 made a name for himself in the past already. When that came on the market, since just the raging battle between the Blu-ray disc and HD-DVD to the medium for HD movies at home. The output known – not only, but also is the rapid spread of the Blu-ray playback option in the PS3 won Blu-ray, while HD-DVD disappeared from the market. Many Blu-ray movies with the marking were sold in the first years “runs on the PlayStation 3”. Detail on the edge: the rival Xbox 360 plays until today only DVD movies . To the first generation of Xbox 360, an external HD-DVD drive there but optional.

PS4 & Xbox one in home theater-test: No UHD, no 3D

A such format dispute rages not currently, therefore the two manufacturers had to not lie down in the stuff, as regards the representation of new film formats. While already various UHD TVs in stores are available, but there is still no standardized film medium for them.
And games can the consoles to the start not seen also in the quadruple HDTV resolution, not even a Scaling function, as they have more and more Blu-ray player, is so far. So also the Blu-ray player of the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 are not especially innovative representative of its kind. In this image fits about, that you play 3D discs with depth.

PS4 & Xbox one in home theater-test: Online entertainment

On the other hand, the new consoles are great Networkers. You can pick up games as a video and send to friends or be part of the community in some games live. Microsoft integrated on top of that its own services, such as Skype or the cloud storage of SkyDriveto communicate about the Xbox one outside the world of the gamer. SkyDrive is suitable to store your own photos or videos online and watch on the Xbox.
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The Xbox reverts photos, videos and music files over the local network, if you send them her roughly by the Windows Media Player on your PC. The Xbox one but can play any media files from USB storage devices or data discs. The PlayStation 4 not only has such functions. Simply lack the necessary Media Player.
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Both consoles in music services and online video storesoffer online entertainment. Microsoft about has the music Flatrate Xbox Music, Sony the equivalent of Music Unlimited. Both open for just under 10 euro free access to large music libraries, which can be used on the consoles, mobile devices and the PC.
The Sony service also works with Sony smart TVs, MP3 players of the walkman series and network audio devices of the manufacturer for the living room. To their own online movie stores come to pay-per-view movies (Xbox Video, Sony Video Unlimited). Both offer access to the flat rate-online video stores LOVEFiLM and Watchever, the PS4 in addition to Max dome.

PS4 & Xbox one in home theatre test: Watching television only on Xbox

The console from Microsoft integrates with digital television: you can connect a digital TV receiver via HDMI input . Whose image and sound are then on the console with display – individually or as as small TV image next to a game or a movie on Watchever. TV extras such as the One Guide advertised in the USA program guide, are in this country but not enabled.
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In addition to digital TV via cable or satellite can the Xbox one television via the online service Zattoo stream. It is unlocked but only with an Xbox Live Gold subscription (about 60 euros a year), as well as most other online tools of the console.

PS4 & Xbox one in home theater-test: Player qualities

Back to the Blu-ray player: both consoles play discs, but both have fairly clear weaknesses. Entlavt has video in the laboratory and Visual test. About the Xbox one passes all discs in 60 Hz frame rate via HDMI to the TV in their basic attitudes. 50-Hertz content such as PAL TV or DVDs are choppy in more or less annoying.
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After a few futile attempts succeeded the testers though, to switch to the HDMI output in the settings menu on 50-Hertz output. You must enable the automatic detection of the HDMI settings in the corresponding menu and multiple toggle image resolution between 720 p and 1080 p. Then the Xbox one 50-Hertz content not only, but also 60-Hertz movies and especially games in 50 Hertz spent – with really heavy bucking.
Also the PS4 is in terms of image quality not blameless: DVDs and Blu-ray discs with video content (1080i) them with strong line flicker was again. Scaled DVD images worked doing not so sharp and rich in detail, how do this high-class Blu-ray player.
The Xbox one refused to allow the playback of all homemade discs that could MP3 player with data discs no start. In terms of noise, none of the two consoles is free of blame: the fan of the Xbox is not very loudly, but the enclosure vibrates again audible with. When the PS4, the fan of less bother, but she has a right uncomfortable whistling drive.

PS4 & Xbox one in home theater-test: Conclusion

The two consoles are great toys, such as about our colleagues of in the PlayStation 4 test write. As a Blu-ray player and multimedia entertainer in the home theater, they’re good, however, little – at least for now. Defense , but should hold that the devices were built on growth. You are likely to get many Software Updates and for new features in the coming months and years. The film buffs of all alone should wait and continue to use one of the predecessors in doubt. Finally, as the PS3 is still a very good Blu-ray player with more multimedia and networking capabilities as it offers today the successor.
The detailed video test of the two consoles with report from the laboratory, hearing and vision test appears in video on your kiosk 2/2014-4th January 2014.