Nexus 6 Confirmed, It Will Be Great!

Google’s developer-smartphone goes back to its roots: it will be a fight.
It has been leaked in his Motorola variant, called Shamu, but is now confirmed as the future Nexus phone from Google. Android blog our site puts his head on the block, and confirms that the new Nexus will be a large phablet with a 5.9 “screen.
Around the big screen you will find front-facing stereo speakers. Volume buttons will be placed a little further down than in previous Nexus phones in order to simplify the single-handed.
Nexus 6 will inherit the aluminum edge from Moto X, as well as Motorola’s quick-charge technology. At the rear a 13 megapixel camera module will find space, paired with optical image stabilization and a two-toned LED flash. Front camera with 2 megapixels.
The main attraction is, however, the large display. Nexus 6 will house a 5.9 “Quad-HD display (2560×1440), thus ensuring a pixel density of 496 PPI-plenty sharp. Motorola’s Nexus is therefore ready to ensure cinema experiences in Pocket format.
Which processor should drive the many pixels, are yet unconfirmed. Battery size of 3200 mAh allows, however, that strong mechanics can get profits to romp Together with the forthcoming Android. L (5.0) steering system power friendly features, is the potential for excellent operating time to present.

Why so great?

Do you hear for those who prefer smaller phones, you may bemoan the shift to phablet-format. Here, it is relevant to look back to the Nexus-series develops roots. Nexus phones and tablets have always could boast record high resolutions, which allows developers to test their apps in the highest resolution.
A second argument for the big screen is the general trend in the market, where large-screen mobiles are experiencing the greatest growth. In order to be at the forefront of the development will thus ensure that their upcoming Google Android operating system, as well as the developers ‘ apps there, is finely tuned to the big format.
Thus it seems that Google pulls Nexus Series away from the general public, but pulls it instead back to the roots: Nexus 6 is first and foremost designed for developers.
When the official launch takes place remains to be seen. Google has not yet invited the world’s press for something official event. A cautious bid will, however, be around the end of October.