NIXIE: Drone That Follows You Everywhere

NIXIE is the amalgamation of three hot concepts: action cams, drones and wearables. And it gives actually makes sense.
Would you like to perpetuate your most recent adventures without having the camera team with, or would you just taking a selfie from more than an arm’s length, the Nixie-drone assist.
NIXIE combines for both camera and drone in a microscopic format which can easily be attached to the wrist-as a wearable.
When it is folded on the wrist fills it no more than a smartwatch, but folded it out, can the micro-drone light, turn towards the user and filming your latest adventure at a distance. Drone can also remotely from your phone and search back for grabbing distance, like a futuristic boomerang.
The body of the drone are constantly in the development phase, but as a finalist in the chip manufacturer Intel’s ‘ Make It Wearable’-competition is the small company behind drone now 50,000 USD richer. At the same time, the small business Heath now drag on Intel’s help and experience to the development.
There may be some time before you can acquire you mikrodronen in your local electronics-pusher. Drone carries ever-clear imprint of to be in the embryonic stage. The delicate electronics are exposed to the elements, and therefore far from Hardy enough for life by an action-man’s wrist.
Behind the Nixie is an inventor and a Stanford researcher Christoph Kohstall. Together with colleagues Jelena Jovanovic and Michael Niedermayer, counting the small team to have a functional prototype in november.
You can read more about Nixie, or view some of the other finalists in the Intel’s wearable-competition here.