No More Than Mediocrity

The G700 is next to the G900 Web another model of generation. But the mobile phone brings limited surf fun. For this it can surprise in other disciplines.
The G700’s strength lies in its advanced phone capabilities. In addition to the usual organizer features, you can view Office documents and edit, or open PDF files.Contacts and SMS are limited only to the phone memory. The G700 also supports push-mail, too, from BlackBerry.
The G700 measures 106 x 49 x 14 mm and weighs 100 grams-ideal dimensions for your trouser or shirt pocket. The multimedia functions did well in the test. MP3-player with ID3 support sounds tired, particularly in Mega Bass by default. The 3.2 megapixel camera delivers sharp pictures, even without autofocus. The necessary control buttons appear in the camera or player mode on the touch screen.
The Symbian operating system with a new, mobile-optimized interface works in the G700. The operation has quickly learned the user. On the home screen is a Quick Launch toolbar available. The main menu is divided into nine points, starting with a tap of your finger. The real keys and hotkeys are enough big. Only the 5-way button is slightly tricky. Virtually any callable Task Manager turns. He displays running applications and stops it on command.
So far not of course with phones: the G700 support USB high speed 480 MB/s. With rapid three seconds officials we have a 3 MB test file from the Windows XP computer to the mobile phone.
The G700 with an ordinary result mastered the acoustic test. The votes on mobile phone and fixed network page sounded clear and natural. Only the handsfree bombed in the Fama network partner: krächziger sound, intercom was not possible.
Although the G for ‘ generation Web ‘ stands and you want to make it clear that browsing G phones are designed, supported the phone not the data Turbo HSDPA. Also Wi-Fi is not available. So you have to settle with UMTS. Another shortcoming: You won’t find profiles or freely assignable buttons in the G700.
The touch screen responds quite exactly, is to use remote menu only with the short pin but in deeper. Here, the fields for the fingers are too small.
Too bad that Sony Ericsson donated his good music player no plug or adapter. You must be satisfied with the supplied cheap headset or buy more explicit Sony Ericsson accessories.
After slightly more than 3 hours of continuous talk the battery made flabby-not a superior value, here, many other Sony Ericsson phones are persistent.
The G700 is an average cell phone that falls especially great extras or nasty quirks. It is incomprehensible that Sony Ericsson no HSDPA but just missed a surf cell phone. Also missing profiles and not assignable buttons provide reasons that the G700 teed off on a rear seat in the Leaderboards lands. The shortcomings identified in the test make nothing from whom, who gets an ALLROUNDER with thick phone features, good multimedia performance and a comfortable touch screen operation.
Need a touchscreen phone-if possible with fast data capabilities and stylish outfit?Since this is true Samsung SGH-F480 in the black. The fine hip flask offers a fully equipped with HSDPA, 5-megapixel camera, and an intuitive user interface. Currently, you have to shell out around 350 euros without a contract for the SGH-F480.