Nokia BH-703

Casual, the 78-euro Nokia BH-703 stands out visually and also boasts a solid housing. Here the test report with the Sony Ericsson W890i.

  1. Nokia BH-703
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With the BH-703 for 78 euro, Nokia sent a visually attractive subjects in the market. After the technical examination showed however: more expensive is not always better – and so the BH-703 has his hat even before his smaller brother pull, the BH-212.

The BH-703 Nokia opts for the classic serious black silver look in glossy finish and like with sound processing. With one minor exception: The multi button recessed into the housing plan wobbles on the side of something and is not quite sure to operate.

Volume control via sensor button

Adjusting the conversation volume is all the more pleasant: there is not a button, Nokia has built a gallant touch-sensitive sensor to control – what is very useful especially in the car. on our test drives the sensor worked very reliably.

It means thumbs up also for acoustic measurements: the BH-703 was undeterred by the registered service, say the docked cell phone. In practical use, no noise or dropouts disrupted the talks, the Nokia headset sounds pleasant if slightly fast also in the fixed network.

Not so good it went endurance measurement: paired with Sony Ericsson W890i fell the standby time compared to the pairing with Nokia 6300 by more than half from around 250 to 110 hours.

Data sheet

Volume control / mute Circuit /
Charger 220V / 12V (car) /
USB charging cable
Battery / battery replaceable Li-Polymer /.
BT profile: Headset / Handsfree /
Standby time / operating time (hours: minutes) 4T 14:36:00 / 6:29:00
Volume value transmit / receive direction (dB) 10,4 / 13,2
Distortion of transmit and receive direction (dB) -28.2 / – 16.8
Frequency response transmit / receive direction points max. 6 / 6
Weight headset / charger (g) 12.2 / 61


ENDURANCE up to 150 sufficient (97)
Standby time / Betriebszeit120 / 30 74 / 23
FACILITIES 50 satisfactory (37)
HANDLING up to 150 good (125)
Processing / operation 20 / 40 18 / 35
Comfort / weight 55 / 35 43 / 29
Acoustics up to 150 satisfactory (106)
tested in issue: NC3 / 09