Noodles Cook Like a Pro

Pasta dishes are delicious and prepared quickly. However, there are a few things to consider when cooking noodles.
Since Spaghetti & Co. requires a lot of water, you need a large, high pot for the preparation. This is filled about with water. Generally, the rule of thumb is: one liter of water per 100 grams of dry pasta.
Then the water is brought to the boil and salted according to personal preference. As soon as the salt dissolves, the noodles are added. Longer varieties, such as spaghetti, prefer not to break, but to give in, wait until they can bend.
Cooking Pasta
The cooking time varies according to the variety and is usually indicated on the packaging. In general, the noodles must remain in the bubbling boiling water between five and ten minutes. Those who prepare homemade pasta or fresh pasta from the fridge should cook for about three minutes. As the pasta sticks together slightly, please stir regularly.
About a minute before the pasta should be cooked according to the given cooking at, it is advisable to pay. But beware: Hot! If you like the pasta like the Italian, take it out of the water as long as you are still bite (al dente). If you prefer soft noodles, you just let them cook for a bit longer.
If The Pasta Is Al Dente
Once the pasta has reached the desired consistency, it only has to be strained. A large sieve made of plastic or stainless steel is the best choice. and then drain well. If you don’t want to stick the noodles together, you can then refine them with a little bit of butter or some olive oil.
Tip: Keep a Few Spoons Of The Pasta Water And Use It To Refine The Sauce.
Another option: Do not cook the pasta completely and then let it pull in the heated sauce a little bit. This makes the noodles taste particularly aromatic.