Now Your Chandelier Shines Again In "Old" Shine-Part 2

In the first part, we dealt with the problem of furnishing a chandelier with LED candles and clarified reasons. It turned out that the 3 Watt LED candle by ledboss due to its special characteristics very close to the appearance of a chandelier equipped with incandescent lamps.
Now I would like to check how an LED candle strikes directly in comparison with a light bulb in candle form.
The following pictures show a 40 watt light bulb as well as the 3W LED of ledboss and their power consumption.
On the left we see the incandescent lamp in operation with an instantaneous power of 39.3 watts, on the right the challenger, the LED candle with currently 3.3 watts of power.
The direct comparison shows that the 40 Watt light bulb is a little brighter, which is to be expected since the LED lamp with 3 watts should replace a light bulb with 25 watts.
However, I find that the ledboss lamp despite its much smaller performance in terms of light color can keep up well and certainly a very good alternative to the light bulb in candle form offers.