NuBox Surround Set Nubert 681, CS 411 / DS 301 / 2 X AW 991

NuBox surround set Nubert 681, CS 411 / DS 301 / 2 x AW 991 (2740 euros) is a magnificent, highly solid combination with two woofers and dipole Rearspeakers with devilishly powerful and smooth sound.
Approximate 2700 euros for a box set of a direct marketer without nationwide dealer network, this smell at first not for bargains. But the reserve is non-maximum respect, as soon as the seven Nubert-set is at the door.
In any case the buyer the gear in the gym can be save on the day of delivery, because if the freight forwarder is ringing, it is important to balance boxes with a total of 137 kilograms from the front door into the living room, the rock-solid packaging not included.
Over a third of which goes to the account of the two woofer type AW 991 among connoisseurs (test in issue 12/2007) long considered an insider tip in the tension field of purchase price (piece 599 euros) and physical fundamentals.
Part of the set is the only one as a dipole – as well as direct radiating useable Rearspeaker (DS 301) in the field, whose elaborate crossover maintains the tonal character in both modes of operation.
The exact opposite of toys, in particular the main speakers of the type are nuBox 681 with the three (!) thick 22 mm bass drivers and sound pressure reserves, which are also in stereo mode without filtering and woofer support beyond good and evil.
As delicacies for lovers nuBox, currently supplied models, including the center of CS 411, wear a refined tweeter with improved omnidirectional.
But there are also things that must renounce the Beefy set, especially superficial things like real wood, piano lacquer or perfectly shaped Terminal. The acoustic effort is, however, unique for the price range. So are expensive bag, noblest crossovers with an industry’s unique complexity, plus the practical sound switch for local adaptation.
That the nuBox set with its enormous membrane surface gewaltigst could rock, was expected in advance, but hardly the fact, as devotedly balanced, sensitive and dynamic effortless it was to the thing.
So, the testers only days after the test were electrified as mind-boggling at the launch, pulse-stable and sensitive of seven divider brachialste bass and basic sound waves umher hurled, without having to swallow or revamped aggressive to be. One thing is certain: this set is for points clear at the top.