Occlusion and Video Loss: What Function?

There are situations that we’ve always believed that we’re never going to pass.
Just think: in your House there is a surveillance security camera installed and during a robbery the thief hides the camera lens to not be recognized, or worse, cut lead wire. You don’t even notice and when evil comes across, is surprised by someone inside your House.
Yes, these cases occur more often than people think.
Just to give you an idea, a 2011 report pointed out that every 100,000 inhabitants in Brazil, 572.7 are victims of assault, Brazil in third place of Latin America with the highest rate of auto theft.
The Stand Alone has a technology that allows you to know when such situations happen, leaving you on alert.
These functions are known as occlusion and video loss.
Occlusion triggers an alarm when your camera lens is hidden, or when accidentally, some object blocking the view, not realizing the recording.
Such a function can be configured in “Menu”, “alarm”. Also, you can make a message can be sent to your email, passing your camera information.
The video Loss is a function that triggers an alarm when your camera cable is cut.
It is configured in “Menu”, “alarm”. Such function can also be configured to be received via email.
The settings for e-mail should be adjusted in “Menu”, “system”, “services” and “email”.