Orfina Porsche Vintage Watches

What there is to be observed?

Unfortunately some. Because there are several versions of this watchthat I can not all here to enumerate and explain in detail. Only the most important:

  • the Orfina Porsche design there were two works-first with the Lemania 5100 (REF. 7176s) and later with the Valjoux/ETA 7750
  • Watches with the Lemania 5100 and the 24-hour display are generally slightly more expensive-both what is the purchase as also a revision of the book.If you want to save something, which selects the 7750 Valjoux/ETA can repair virtually any free watchmaking at a fair price
  • Depending on the version and year of production, these watches have different logos on the dial, Caseback, the buckle and the Crown.Distinction is made here between the Orfina lettering on the dial in combination with the “Orfina flame” on Crown, floor and buckle-and consistently used “PD-logo”, which stands for “Porsche Design”
  • There are also watches, where the clock face logo and case back do not match-like when my Orfina. And according to the Nachfolgeunternehmen(?!)Ship Alder & Schifferle GmbH, this has its accuracy. I asked and answer came: “Yes, that’s right. There have been who had an Orfina dial watches and a PD-base. “Or vice versa.”
  • There are also Military variants in addition to the “civil” watches–they wear the round and Red “3 H” on the dial likes-marking. It stands for the used and low level light source of tritium. To my knowledge this luminous was slightly stronger at military watches radiant than in civilian versions-the labelling should indicate

As far as. There’s still a lot more to these clocks say (see list below). And therefore applies as always: Please make you necessarily wise presales (online) and are still a little suspicious. In my lengthy search after an Orfina some not very original-looking and poorly cobbled together clocks have Porsche design from the early years me (E.g. with external housing, floor without logo etc.) met. More, so a few questions let you send as many pictures, compares and tests-and then it works also with this very nice vintage watch.

What alternatives to the Orfina are Porsche design there?

You can see them above: the left clock is a sense 144-find the appropriate article “it BB´s a sense-a Black Sinn” and also in the Favorites and artefacts, I’ve recommended this watch more than once. -On the right side you can see a Buler Grand Prix, which I already here presented “I got 99 watches, but cheap ain tone-shut up, stupid”. This one must say that the Buler by far is the best clock. She comes from the 80’s, has No metal enclosure (fiberglass) and you could buy, as I learned from a TV show at that time quite cheap they at Tchibo.
Who wants to gain an overview in terms of current prices, will find here the Buler Grand Prix and here the sense 144 on ebay (partners).
Where to buy?
It’s no secret–I’ve bought most of my watches on ebay. Design other correspondents for the Orfina Porsche Chrono24 can (be sure Act!) and the aforementioned Orfina Shop. But the best it would be to find watch on ebay (affiliate link). The same applies to the new editions, such as for example the Porsche Design P’6510 Heritage Black Chronograph (ebay affiliate link). Anywhere look around and compare prices. And who wants to-read more about buying vintage watches here along.