Original LED Watches

The clock is one of the supplements more important that we always carry over, not to say the more necessary. In recent years, this resurgence of a new trend in the field of watch making, is watches with led that show the hour with a great brightness through the diodes led which project the visible light to each one of the points that make up the digits.
But oddly enough, led technology as we know it, already began to have the first applications in the electronics industry during the 1960s, but it was not until the end of the 1970s where started the marketing of the first clocks that used led on your screen to display the time, so that we could consider it the return of a retro fashion.
At the end of the 1990s, came out the blue diode, a fact that allowed for the first time, combine them with other red and green diodes, so they began to create different tones, creating a lights on screen much more attractive and with intensity greater than previous models.
These watches, which are digital, in the vast majority of cases show the time and date with vivid colors and with all the intensity that LED technology offers via Centralledwatch. In addition, we can see our clock information clearly in the dark without having to turn on a light on close.
Day after day come out more watches using this technology of light emission, which is imposing on traditional digital watches. Increasingly, led watches are more originals, some of them, use new techniques when it comes to displaying the time, and others, have screens of multicolor led, something that makes it really attractive.
The following clock we see, uses the binary system, something that makes his performance truly original. You you’ve studied computer science and domineis the fundamentals of computing, would not have any problem.
To read the time, we have to first look at the top row, and knowing that we have 4 bits, and that each of them has two possibilities (power), implies that we have a total of 32 possible combinations, a number that is more than enough to show the time, since we only need 24 32 possibilities.
To go by calculating total bits have to be calculating 2xM ^ 2, where M is the position in which we are. For example, we have 4 lit bits, the second and the fourth, because we calculate 0x2 ^ 0 + 1 × 2 ^ 1 + 0 x 2 ^ 2 + 1 × 2 ^ 3, which gives a result of 10, that will be equivalent to the time.
This one, is one of led watches with more led on display, adding a total of 72 high-intensity blue led. The first column, increases a step every time that happens, up to 12, which again will start again. The other 5 remaining columns indicate the minutes, every 5 minutes is filled in a row, and thus adding on. We can also see the date.
From what we can see, led technology brings thousand and one possibilities when designing a clock with led, which makes that they are continuously coming exclusive watches with original time sampling systems, some systems invented by the manufacturers themselves.
But the led technology, does not close its doors to the world of watch making, but that it also has applications in all kinds of electronic components, above all those that are part of gadgets and other electronic products of last generation.
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