Original Vintage Diving

Teo Vilela Garcia next to rosewood bookcase of L’atelier (1960), which houses objects and works of appreciation: from the top, from left to right, Indonesia baskets, watch (1970) of the São Paulo metro, a 3-year-old, your photo to caviúna pins (1960), engraving by Hercules Barsotti and vase insert German (1930)
Vintage never was so valued in the design. A signed, original and important piece of time, has the power to turn everything around. Encounter with a distinctly contemporary décor to which was added a “vintage” today. But, and live surrounded only by furniture and accessories of the decades of 1950 to 1970, and in an apartment of 60 ‘s preserved in the primordial plant? Interestingly, the comercianteTeo Vilela Gomes, 38 years old, lives in this manner in the neighborhood of Pinheiros, in Sao Paulo. Detail: without repeating the grandparents ‘ lifestyle.
Paulista de Araçatuba, the lawyer and interior designer Teo, the front of the store and the shed
homonyms specialize in vintage furniture that already yanked the English designer Jasper Conran compliments and the American theatre director Robert Wilson, is not at home, make a return to the middle of the last century, although aficionado and connoisseur. “I like what I like, makes me happy and is comfortable,” he says. In 1962, the property was all kept, parquet floor
of pink and ivory mahogany to light bronze mirrors. No wall was down. No room joined to be. Only the wallpapers chamalote type were banned and doors lost the exaggerated frames.
In be, sofa with backrest of straw (1960), from white and Black armchair & Raft (1968), of Jean Gillon
From your room, Teo listen open your gate store, on the sidewalk. It’s time to work, but not before picking up hot breads in CPL, mythical Street bakery, also famous for pizza slices that attract intellectuals plagued and heart pinheirenses in the evening, and prepare your orange juice in a juicer for 30 years, inherited from the mother. Chose to live there for the pleasure of doing everything on foot: Dance Academy, restaurants like Le Jazz and Brazilian rosewood, a walk in the nearby Jardim Paulista. With this same lack of pretense and fluidity the shopkeeper devised a décor that is 101% of the time and not dated — just as appliances, stove and refrigerator. “Without clutter, compose the decor so that the home becomes a puzzle. The way to put the pieces to make a contemporary air. ”
Explained only two chairs of Joaquim Tenreiro accompany the Florence Knoll dining table under the FontanaArte buff who was in the apartment from Dominici. Next, a fashion centre table is used as a sideboard. Ever the living room reveals a more classical configuration, in that parade in a chromatic game Brazilian rarities, wood (caviúnas, jacaranda trees) and of firms that would shake lovers and collectors from any corner of the world: the White sofas, Black Bookshelf & L’atelier, Raft, Chair of Jean Gillon, which still displays the original bolts, High Chair , to Oscar and Anna Maria Niemeyer, the geometric carpet of St. Helena, the mobile used in the filming of the anonymous feature film rare flowers (2013), by Bruno Barreto.
In featured, sofa with backrest of straw (1960), from White & Black
Teo does not hide that it’s in the rain the business – came to get customers in your home for
Show items more special. However, merchant’s soul is slowed down when it comes to exaggerated consumerism and expiration date. “I like good mobile construction, which does not spoil with the use. I’m happy to sell timeless pieces and never cease to give tips to buyers about your maintenance. Tv that has no useful life, for example, makes me angry. ” Dynamic and restless, he is always attentive to the design done today – “which is a plan,” delivery. An old new way of living and lead to life, with your eyes in the past and totally contemporary concerns.

* Article published in Vogue House # 355 (subscribers have accessto the digital edition of the magazine)
The living room, open to the balcony, has more traditional composition, with couch M3 (1952) and side tables from white black greenarmchairs & Joaquim Tenreiro, Dinucci table, cotton mat (1950) ofSt. Helena, lamp (on the left) German (1960), Italian table lamp (1960) and engravings of Cruz-Diez
In particular, above the sofa, pictures of Cruz-Diez in the décor stand out
The natural light coming from the balcony brings warmth to the respectable collection of vintage furniture
The rosewood bookcase of L’atelier (1960) accommodates objects and works of appreciation collected throughout life
The dining room, with FontanaArte, buff on Dominici, brings Florence Knoll dining table surrounded by only two chairs of Joaquim Tenreiro, and, on the wall, Lucas Simões made works based on a portrait of Teothe background shape coffee table used as sideboard
In particular on the trimmer, the collection of European ceramics ofvarious provenances
In the living room, the famous tea cart JZ, decade of 1950, by Jorge Zalszupin
The kitchen shows Formica cabinet with rosewood frames, chairs of Joaquim Tenreiro and junco and Chinese cabinet topped by still life painted by Teo‘s mother, Eunice
The balcony of the apartment received landscaping to the taste of the resident
Detail of the caviúna bed (1950), the Nebels
In the bedroom of the owner, the grandeur of the design of the bed of caviúna (1950), with cushions made by Nebels Marilda Brandão, and the colors of the gouache from Jean Gillon (on the wall, on top, on the left)the closet remains with the original tones
From left to right, Teo interacts with your décor pieces: tea cart (1959), by Jorge Zalszupin; Mobile anonymous panned in the river and used in the filming of rare flowers; High Chair (1971), to Oscar and Anna Maria Niemeyer; and German ceramics (years 1950 and 1970)