Our site offers video advertising for uninterrupted music

The popular music service our site is coming soon, with an offer to all their free riders.
It is possible to listen to our site on your phone without paying for it, but it requires, therefore, that we must lay ears to an advertisement every now and then, but the advertising one can soon get a break from OUR sites with new measures they have called ‘Sponsored Session’.
The idea behind this sponsored session is that, if one would like to thank Yes to view a video advertising on 15-30 seconds, so you get 30 minutes of commercial-free music.
3 out of 4 people listening to our site, are not paying subscribers, so that our site must monetize their advertising, and this new venture is a symptom of the fact.
Our site has already secured agreements on these sponsored sessions with big companies such as Coca-Cola, Ford and McDonalds.
In addition to video advertising on mobile, so will our site also introduce video commercials on their version for the PC.