Oversize Scarves Are Cool! Plus 25 Ideas to Bind

Of course, I love scarves. Just like shawls & loops. Bet you also or?
To shop scarves is now painless. They fell quickly and fit almost always.Only to shape, length and material you have to worry and of course whether they color match you and your jackets, coats and tops.
Therefore, women have always tons of scarves and blankets in the cupboard. There favorite pieces that are constantly running hang a few special for special occasions and Kitty also Cabinet bodies: which did you find spontaneously great scarves, but which unfortunately but have emerged not as compatible and managed.
Lack Of Ideas How You Can Tie Your Scarf Times In Other Ways? Is The Bottom Of The Article A Great Assorted Video With 25 (!) Variants.
My scarf repertoire includes a wide variety of styles, thicknesses, lengths, and colors.
My Lieblingsschals are getting veeeery long, very lush and soooo soft, cuddly and fluffy in the winter. Many can be used as oversize scarves denote. Finally can I wear those thick things I particularly love. Here are some from my collection:

Nothing So Cool Looks Like An Oversize Shawl Or A Giant Loop Of The Friends You Have Looped Around The Neck Casual.

Really not!
AND: he keeps beautiful you warm in cold temperatures.
I need especially large scarves at home around the shoulders to put me.There I’m always quite fast freezing.
It looks less cool, but a Riesenschal or a lavish cloth can spice up so a schnödes outfit or a boring sweater it’s a delight.

For Example Like This Lush Shawl By Twin Heart:

Sweet are these cuddly blankets?
I got mine in Bremen at the dear Jutta of Gutmann fashion bought. There was also in black and white (see above). Although with big stars (points still dear to me were), but no matter. And I lieeeebe it!
If you like BB´s then simply click in the image on the cloth to go to Amazon and can 59.90 euro (reduced from 79.90) order there for up-to-date’s friends. (If you do this I get a small Commission, for you are no further costs – thank you!
Dark blue/white, anthracite and blue denim with white, it is also in the program. The Clou: It is colours reversed on the “back”, is called once the darker color prevails, even the lighter.
What Speaks Even For The Purchase:
Made in Europe, very good quality, quality
Material: 40% wool, 30% viscose, 20% polyamide, 10% wool (cashmere)
Dimensions: 150cm x 120cm (triangle)
Due to the special material, you must however hand wash it and then lying to dry. But what does one not everything;-)…
I almost just to run around: whether outdoors or indoors – you see me with this part.
Like most of all me this pink neon edge.
Actually üüüüüüberhaupt isn’t my thing – neon, but in this case is exactly this color kick zest the cloth.
Without the BB´s but wouldn’t be nice too, so an eye-catcher. He refreshes spectacular Pale black or gray outfit.
The cloth as a large triangle is what’s cool in any case cut, or just – so that you can have it einmmal very comfortable around the shoulders: just as shown on the picture above just carry the can.
The relatively thick fabric creates much volume, and wonderfully envelop your neck.
The cloth scratch zero, it’s mega fluffy and super comfortable to wear.
What are you saying? Nice???
Is you too much money or do you conjure up like a lot more volume? Do you need still more scarf? Other colors?

Then These Look Cool Oversized Scarves By Asos To:

(as usual you can directly on BB´s Click image and scarf in the partner shop order the respective).
The girls here are very thin and stacksig, since as an oversize shawl has a natural look in contrast to the narrow silhouette still wuchtiger, but also in more kilos on the ribs creates a thick, wide, long scarf or loop much volume and widening your form where it is required: in the vicinity of the face.
They look incredibly cool and casual? Mega stylish? How fresh out of New York or London? And for just 20-30,-euro?
I think so and must keep it together, not to order equal to at least 10 of them.
Whether subtly in black/gray/white:
The scarves from ASOs are unfortunately almost all made from 100% acrylic. In the winter not highly dramatic, this is ok and does not scratch in particular.
For this they cost not much: those shown are mostly between 20-30,-euro.Shipping and return shipping are free at ASOS.
The return shipping (I can confirm from my own experience) runs quickly, easily and smoothly.

Is Your Oversized Scarf Correctly Voluminous Can He Be Even A Wide Butt Narrower:

Especially if you’re topless narrow (narrow shoulders, a classical form of A so) a Riesenschal can balance out the proportions of the wide base. Only when a large bosom you gotta be careful, so that your upper body not in the excessive swells and you only scarf and bosom insist.
Since loops are better suited as dangle’s not the scarf length over the bosom and appear not yet powerful, look there.
A loop draws the eye upwards.
By the way, you can build scarf also a loop from almost everyone. It simply Sahib in the district around and the ends plug-ins.
This scarf tying video, you can find several instructions for tying scarves and blankets. Often rather less lush, but a few suggestions are determined!
In my new shop  you can find more shawls, scarves and the loops still.. (also less bulky, because sometimes is more less…) and even hats & co.. For you I’ve picked out which of dozens of online shops that I find particularly, beautiful, edgy, cool or stylish. Are you looking at here: shop for shawls, scarves, loops & hats.