Samsung WEP250

Given the entry-level headset Samsung WEP250 for only 29 euro quickly becomes clear: Samsung pleasant ease of use has priority. And succeed so far, also quite good. Here the test report with the Nokia 6300.

  1. Samsung WEP250
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The WEP250 can be easily put on with one hand and the pressure point of buttons gives you clear feedback. The enclosed bracket is for a more stable grip on the ear. This effect though somewhat poorly, but provides a first class service. Continue reading  

Samsung WEP500

The good news first: The cell phone dependency is the WEP500 (69 euros) to zero. Also, the Samsung thanks to perfect pressure point deserves a top spot for processing and ease of use. Here the test report with the Sony Ericsson W890i.

  1. Samsung WEP500
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The case is atypical round-shaped and flawlessly processed; the in-ear headset does not require ironing, but still safe sits on the ear. On board three additional ear plugs and a fancy charging case are at the time of purchase. In it, the small headset can be stored well and is always so clean cleaned up. Continue reading  

Hama Tonga

The Hama Tonga (35 Euro) achieved a relatively weak test result despite neat networking endurance values with approximately 170 hours. Here the test report with the Nokia 6300.

  1. Hama Tonga
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Acoustics and comfort but compel the Tonga in the knee. The housing is properly processed, acts but second-rate compared to other headsets.

The bar is top notch and exceptional for this: this is elastic and adaptable thanks to wrought material individually on each ear shape. Despite smart bracket holds the phone fun with Tonga within limits.

Continue reading  

Naim NAIT XS Integrated Amplifier

NAIT Xtra small called her latest amplifier for 1700 euro Naim. This is real British understatement.

  1. Naim NAIT XS integrated amplifier
  2. stereoplay interview with Paul Stephenson (Managing Director Naim audio)
  3. Data sheet

Sometimes good recipes are easy. That thought is probably also the dev team by Naim in Salisbury when she designed the NAIT XS: took their top amplifier Supernait (3500 euro, 9/07), entschlackte its facilities as much as possible and the new, significantly cheaper version was finished. Only: This recipe at the NAIT XS, which stands for 1800 euros in stores, went up? Really saved in the right place? Continue reading  

Adventure Time Ago Reality One of His Chapters with The Game War of Letters

As a staunch fan of the saga Adventure time, I had great in certain chapter in which the protagonists were playing a card game that had all the potential to be a full game. Said and done, has already reached the international market version for Android in this card game that will delight fans of the series and those interested in card games. Continue reading  

Turntable Transrotor Pianta Studio + TR 500 + Constant Studio

By Transrotor monumental drives, we are used to. Even more, the compact Pianta baffled Studio (2040 euro).

  1. Turntable Transrotor Pianta Studio + TR 500 + constant Studio
  2. Data sheet

At the time I’m sitting in the hearing room and think to myself, how much turntable does actually need the man.” Transrotor-chef Jochen Räke, worldwide as builders of up to meter higher drives famous, tries now even on a small scale: his latest creation Pianta Studio has almost normal format, well priced: the basic version including tonearm TR 500 and MM pickup gold ring 2200 euros 1620. Continue reading  

Speaker Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento

Small box big: the Guarneri memento (10000 euros the pair) Sonus Faber is one of the most beautiful and fascinating speakers of our time.

  1. Speaker Sonus Faber Guarneri memento
  2. Data sheet

The beautiful transducer made of Vicenza are a feature anyway: because the makers of Sonus Faber has always been as a tool understood their speakers and make at least their top-series from selected Woods. The Sonus Faber Elipsa and her big sister Stradivari belong unquestionably to the most beautiful, giving the State boxing genre. But the compact speaker of Italian, above all the new Guarneri memento for 10_000 euro, are still a bit more special. Continue reading  

Samsung i7110 Pilot Test

The expectations are big, because to judge by the securities data, the Samsung i7110 pilot has the makings of the about phone. It offers an open operating system, equipment fed up, a great OLED display and a form factor that is more than appropriate for the functionality.

  1. Samsung i7110 pilot test
  2. The navigation
  3. Data sheet
  4. Rating

The Samsung plays big at the topic of entertainment and multimedia. So it has a 5-megapixel camera with face detection, turn videos in VGA resolution and plays all popular audio formats. A headphone adapter for the standard jack plug is included. Continue reading  

LG KP500 in the Test

Touchscreen phones are commonly considered quite expensive representative of their species. LG shows that there is another way, now with the KP500: for only 229 euros without a contract, the elegant model over the counter moves.

  1. LG KP500 in the test
  2. Data sheet

For the extra cost, there is a three-inch, crisp-sharp display and to a sexy form factor with excellent processing. You are looking for metal parts while in vain, but the fine soft touch surfaces of the KP500 ensuring a good feeling and a secure grip when operating. This fits also the flat design and the low weight of only 91 grams. Continue reading  

Nokia 7510 Supernova

With the snappy styled models in the supernova series design Nokia fans want to talk, which would invest, not equal sums in their new cell phone but still stand out. So is the clamshell phone that took the test only 189 euros 7510 Supernova and is thus like the slider 7610 Supernova (235 euro) and the candy bar model 7310 Supernova (165 euros) in the middle price segment.

  1. Nokia 7510 Supernova
  2. Data sheet

A real eye catcher is that it always 7510: managed Nokia combined the cold metal feel of the hinge and camera range with the warm soft touch surfaces of plastic parts. The latter are designed as “Xpresson” cover and can be exchanged; another color variation is with the 7510. Continue reading  

CD/SACD Player McIntosh MCD 500

Only a superb universal player? Of ways. The MCD 500 (8000 EUR) by McIntosh is also a class pre-amplifier and D/A converters.

  1. CD/SACD player McIntosh MCD 500
  2. Data sheet

McIntosh: The name has been traditionally used for stately US high end. The Americans meet more than this reputation with their brand new two-channel player MCD 500 (8000 EUR). The universalist dominated by high bit SACD all popular formats to WMA and LowFi-MP3 and sends them both RCA and balanced connections. On one other XLR and RCA outputs, he controls even the volume and makes stellenlos so preamp. Similar to relentlessly, he moves with D/A converters: optical and coaxial digital inputs for CD player, MP3 player or DVB-receiver he replaced also. With this variety of features, it is the equipment head of his class without ifs and buts. Continue reading  

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

In terms of touchscreen Nokia is very late: Apple and especially the Koreans from Samsung and LG already have several generations of device on the market. Alone with the argument touchscreen makes so little more to score. Nokia tried over the purse strings.

  1. Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  2. Size, processing, display
  3. Huge equipment
  4. The touch-operation
  5. The rocker
  6. Video player and camera
  7. Readings and conclusion
  8. Data sheet
  9. Rating

So, you announced the 5800 XpressMusic at the product launch in the fall of 2008 with a predatory pricing of around 330 euros. The mobile phone is not now but so cheap. Continue reading  

Image of The Week: Esperanza Aguirre and The Speed of Games Parody on Android

Last Thursday was held one of the most notorious events today, and is that the former President of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, He was a stumbling block to justice. In the heart of Gran Via in Madrid illegally parked his car and when they wanted him to put the fine, started the car and collided with the motorbike of the police then go to your home. Continue reading  

Samsung B2700

With the SGH-M110 (test in connect 3/2008), Samsung has a very cheap and popular outdoor cell phone for some time in its extensive product portfolio. What are so obvious to place a corresponding model higher than even a price range? That exists now with the brand new B2700 for 269 euros.

  1. Samsung B2700
  2. Data sheet

The UMTS device comes in a fully rubberized housing and IP-54 certified. Splashing water, hard impacts and dust so little can have the Samsung. However, the Korean mobile long not so robust acts like the Sonim. Continue reading  

Nokia E63

The year 2008 brought next to the iPhone 3 G, its benefits and importance for the mobile industry undisputed are further highlights of the mobile phone world. About the Nokia E71 which is surpassed in the processing quality at most of devices of Vertu class. But in addition to the excellent feel right the use value of the E71, euphoric, confirming each from the connect editors, who could use it awhile.

  1. Nokia E63
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Positive, the lab test of the E71 was at the time. The recommended price of about 429 euros, which admittedly is clearly undercut in the Web is likely to deter some potential buyers. That’s where comes the E63 in the game: for cheap 269 euro, it offers almost strikingly similar to the E71. Continue reading  

Marantz SR-5003

This AV receiver offers good sound and features for the money.

  1. Marantz SR-5003
  2. Data sheet

The Marantz SR-5003 waives any post-processing of the HDMI inputs. He scaled analog videos with an IC of manufacturer of iChips to proper, stutter-free quasi-HD, that minimal matter and more blurred compared to that of the Harman. Also his monochrome on screen menu looks quite rustic in addition to the lavish color GUI of Harman. In return, the Marantz offers the best calibration system in the test: his Audyssey MultEQ works more accurately than Kenwood RoomEQ and more flexible than the EzSetEQ in the Harman, which refuses, for example, measure boxes sets without a subwoofer. Continue reading  

Speaker Finite Element Module LS

As distinguished as the look was also the sound of the finite element module LS (18000 euros the pair). Their parade discipline was the first-class in all respects, as massive as multi-layered bass range, a real treat, especially in relation to the dimensions.

  1. Speaker finite element module LS
  2. Data sheet

While ASW almost abundantly when his Magadis trumpet belonging to the upper class of the sheer size and number of form elements, the Brilon is company finite element in their top of the line active part of much more subtle works. Continue reading  

Rotel RSX-1550 AV Receiver

He also looks so beautiful: by Rotel’s new, equipped with HD decoder multicultural RSX 1550 (1900 euros) expected stereoplay not only Jet swagger, but above all a possible draw sound.

  1. Rotel RSX-1550 AV receiver
  2. Quality of the video converter: Rotel RSX 1550
  3. Data sheet

At first glance like Rotel’s new RSX 1550 with its smug brushed aluminium front and the send metal lenses mistake surely each. But then the 1900 euro receiver puts the greed chasms that are intoxicated on overflowing Internet feature lists in depression. Continue reading  

Rotel RSX-1560

In the new AV receivers from Rotel you will sure quick to agree: both are a true HiFi sensation.

  1. Rotel RSX-1560
  2. Data sheet

In addition to tradition, but also latest technology square in the silver housing is. Da adorn four small HDMI interface on the back of the receiver, in addition to one output. Of course, that correspond to the current and the Blu-ray disc of indispensable standard HDMI 1.3a. To safely reach also streams from your Blu-ray player to the receiver and be there with the assistance of the appropriate decoder in audible HD sound worlds transformed, no matter whether Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master audio. Continue reading  

Canabalt Creator Launches Flappybalt, His Tribute to Flappy Bird, in Google Play

Undeniable is that for a few weeks Flappy Bird It has reached a level of influence that many developers do not reach or to imagine. At the time of his retirement a group of developers decided to give a tribute to the game doing their versions of the game based on the concept of hard, simple and repetitive game. Continue reading  

Pickup 2500 Gold Ring

Moving iron cartridge eked out a niche next to the numerically superior MMs and MCs so far. That could change quickly with the new series of gold ring.

  1. Pickup 2500 gold ring
  2. Data sheet

That the 2000 explicitly sold as MM, has to do with the low awareness of the moving-iron technique. Unlike at MMs and moving coils, wearing either tiny bar magnets, or fine dishwashers on the cantilever, both parts of the generator are mounted at MIs firmly in the system body. The music-dependent modulation of the magnetic field lines – a prerequisite for the emergence of the signal voltage – takes over a tiny tube (other manufacturers also a slice or ring) of magnetically highly conductive material that sits back on the cantilever and immerse in the stationary field. Permalloy, a nickel-iron alloy, is usually used, which is why Nagaoka the own systems also “moving Permalloy”, short MP, is called. Continue reading  

Nagaoka MP 150 Pickup

Moving iron cartridge eked out a niche next to the numerically superior MMs and MCs so far. That could change quickly with the new series of Nagaoka.

  1. Nagaoka MP 150 pickup
  2. Data sheet

In practice, the Nagaokas behave exactly like MM systems. You need a high-impedance, low capacitive degree (47kΩ, < 200pF) and respond to high capacity as their magnetic brothers with brittle, brilliance-driven sound. They not good so as a panacea for poor phono inputs, the low inductive MIs of Grado are better suited for such cases. Continue reading  

PSB Alpha B1

The great unknown: Who, please, is behind the three letters PSB? A question which reveals that we have occasionally lived Germans like Hillbilly. Because almost on the entire globe, PSB is an established name. But in large parts of Central Europe do not.

  1. PSB Alpha B1
  2. Data sheet

The reasons are purely political, the new importer lets know: PSB speakers belongs to the great, Honorable NAD Empire – managed by the parent company, the internationally active Lenbrook group. The apparent conflict: In the German market sells Dynaudio nad electronics and has of course a high interest to help not yet a potential speaker competitors in the country with the “distant relatives” of PSB. Especially since the claims compensate. Danes don’t lie, Canadians allegedly even less. Continue reading  

Canton GLE 420

Canton GLE 420 given the price class sent a model of truth in the AUDIO listening room. You expect compromises – and not listen.

  1. Canton GLE 420
  2. Data sheet

The 420 is the smallest autonomous box of the GLE series. Including ranks still nominally only the GLE 410 – Canton but designed as pure rear speakers to the wall. The 420 looks, however, as real, adult compact monitor, it is best on a stand. The amplifier must be not ultra-muscular. Like all speakers from the Taunus also the GLE 420 with a high efficiency throws against the listener from the stereo-axis. Continue reading