Pajama Fashion: Renata Vasconcelos Risks Using Trend of Catwalks

The proposal presents loose dressings, light fabrics and lace, typical of sleepwear

Renata Vasconcelos caused the biggest uproar in social networks when she appeared, on Wednesday night(31/5), dressed in a kind of robe in a call of the National Newspaper. 
The audience made a joke, the scene became meme, and Renata ended up changing clothes and presented the newscast with a very basic knit sweater. The look worn by Renata, believe me, is fashionable.
Brands such as Thakoon and Alexander Wang showed the looks on the runway and some of the most daring celebrities in terms of style, such as Selena Gomes, Jessica Alba and Rihanna, have circulated as if they had left the bed directly to the ballad.
The fashion pajama fashion comes in the glue of the success of the slip dress, the sweater type dress adored in the world of American celebrities and Brazilian bloggers. They are pieces that bring to the streets loose trimmings, light fabrics and lace, typical characteristics of sweaters and pajamas.
Of course, it is necessary to have style to look around wearing short dresses imitating sweaters to silk robes used as kimonos, which was the case of Renata Vasconcelos.
For those who want to risk, it is worth combining the pieces with jeans, a blazer or some more casual item. Those who stand to be avant-garde can do as the bold and face a fashion pjamama in national network.
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