Paris, i Love You / / 3 Different Looks with Tchibo

Paris, I Love You with Tchibo

Bonjour mon amour… Uhh, what look you today again beautiful out.
Paris, I love Paris. And I’m being honest, a Paris trip is long, long, long overdue. And the best, Henry knows only the airport. HA, we should change that. I see already through the small streets shopping us, the Sacred Heart of Montmartre on the podium sitting sipping a wine when the sun shines and this street music, maybe a couple dancing on the stairs. Paris, you’re so beautiful and wonderful.
When I saw the theme world at Tchibo, I was right: “typically Paris!” is the motto and so you can find all sorts of beautiful things in the collection. Things, where the woman’s heart direct “I need and want to have!” screams.
Classic fashion, casual elegant striped shirts and most beautiful pieces of furniture and accessories. With the new theme you repeated the Parisian flair in your own four walls quickly and easily. I even could hardly decide the individual parts have liked me so much.
That’s why you’ll get today three very different looks from me. But see for yourself..
What could be missed on no case: a stripy shirt and classical ballerinas. Everyone who knows me also knows that beats my heart stripes and points faster. Always. Yes, dots and stripes – that’s a never-ending love. Not surprising then, that I made almost a leap off the couch with joy when I discovered the lovely polka dot bedding. Is she not beautiful. I’m telling you, there’s sleeps just like on clouds. Arrived in heaven dots.

Stripy Shirt and Jeans

My first look with a new favorite part, the red and white striped striped shirt from the “Paris” theme world. Yes, I find that so many wonderful looks can be create with this stripe shirt. Whether casual or elegant, everything is possible. I decided however for a relaxed look with the jeans and chucks. Perfect for everyday use with a child. Comfortable, soft and pretty to look at. I have already a more idea on how I could wear the top nicely. I show you but in a later outfit post. You must be excited.

Outfit: Classic Loop

Yes, if it’s not classical. A white, lightweight blouse with fine, black ribbon. An all-rounder who always goes. The blouse is a looker without loop? And we are honest – this blouse just goes. In the job, as well as for leisure.
I decided for a very classic look. A straight-cut trousers and ballerinas complete the outfit. And I like very like it. Since Mimi’s birth, I’m almost always in “practical” on the road. And it makes me just so much pleasure to clean me out again. It’s just good. Not only MOM, but also Mrs. I must confess, I don’t know when I’ve worn a cloth pants the last time. It must be many years ago. Very many years. And I like it very. This is a look that I’m exactly sure more wear. The ballerinas are so comfortable, the leather is so soft. Definitely shoes, the man all day on your feet can keep.
How do you like the traditional look with the black pants?

It is la vie
Stripy Shirt and Mini Skirt

.. and my last look. UI ui ui, when I showed the last time just as much leg?
The far issued mini skirt goes perfectly with my new, short-sleeved striped shirt. But also with a black pair of jeans or a mini skirt looks the pretty shirt, which the print “C’ It is la vie ‘ wonderful plays. Anni has registered and would like to borrow the upper part. The downside, if you have a teen daughter in the House. Nothing is safe anymore. Neither shoes nor clothes. Everything is divided.
And would like to complete eich you still showing this beautiful lamp that now adorns our living room.Perfect for cosy evenings. A really nice part, disseminated a great light. And you’re not going to believe it, also it is part of “Paris” theme world.

Which look do you like best, do you have a favorite?