Parrot Mambo – Test/Vergleich/Bewertung

Parrot Hat With The  Mambo Drone A Fun And Toy Drone In A Range That Can Be Equipped With A Gripping Arm And A Mini Cannon. The  Parrot Mambo Is  An Absolute Must-Have.
Parrot Mambo: Toy Quadrocopter In Test
The tiny Parrot Mambo weighs just 63 grams and fits perfectly onto the palm of the hand with its compact dimensions of 18 x 18 centimeters. Optically and haptically the Parrot Mambo gives a high-quality impression, although it is a toy drone of the lower price class. At the front, the Parrot Mambo has green, bright LEDs that begin to glow in the form of eyes and give a cool look. At the top, the Parrot Mambo has small, electrical contacts to which the included gadgets are connected. The Parrot Mambo includes the Quadrocopter, USB charger, gripper arm, clip clip, cannon, cannon ball and short instructions. However, remote control helicopter is not part of the quadrocopter–here, Parrot is based on a virtual control using a smartphone app. If you would like to call a physical remote control with proper joysticks or control sticks, you can buy the optional Parrot FlyPad, which costs39 euros. This also increases the remote control range from 20 meters to 60 meters. Replacement propellers are unfortunately not included, but the manufacturer offers numerous accessories in the Parrot accessories–here are not only replacement propellers (4.99 euros), but also housing and screws (7.99 euros), spare and additional battery (14 , 90 euros) or even engines (9.90 euros) available.
Features And Features
Gadgets and Accessories: The Parrot Mambo Drone is delivered with three important accessories. These accessories are more or less like Lego-like building blocks that are placed on the top of the case. Parrot supplies a building block with a simple slip clip, which can be used to transport business cards or small messages and notes from A to B. Particularly spectacular is the included cannon, which can hold six light green plastic balls and spit at a high speed.
The reach of the throwing projectiles is about two meters. You can not aim properly with the Parrot Mambo, but the shooting is really fun. The shooting power is not too high, so that the mini-guns do not pose any real danger. The gripping arm, which can be controlled electrically or via an app, is also great, with which, for example, cube sugar or other small objects with a weight of up to four grams can be transported and dropped at any desired destination. In practice, the Parrot Mambo Quadrocopter is a lot of fun.
Camera: At the bottom of the Parrot Mambo Quadrocopter is a small camera, with the help of smaller snapshots can be made. The camera function is cool, due to the low resolution of just 300,000 pixels but does not provide proper picture quality. A nice gimmick is the camera with photo function nevertheless, especially since cameras on mini quadrocopters have become the absolute rarity.
Stable Flying Position Thanks To Sensor Technology
In contrast to most mini-drones of this price class as well as magnitude, the Parrot Mambo is not only equipped with a 3-axis gyroscope. In addition, the Mini Quadrocopter has an ultrasonic sensor as well as a pressure sensor, which significantly stabilizes the flight position, as is the case with most other mini drones. Thanks to these sensors–and thanks to the additional camera sensor for horizontal stabilization–the Parrot Mambo is like a board in the air. The constant and for beginners still quite difficult “Gegensteuern” to keep the altitude is pass with the Parrot Mambo. This is why the Mini Quadrocopter is much more fun and safe than other fun or toy drones. The flight time of the Parrot Mambo is around eight to nine minutes, depending on whether the Quadrocopter is used with gadget accessories or not. The charging time of the 550 mAh battery is about 30 minutes.
Smartphone Control
The control by means of smartphone is getting used to–as with most  Parrot drones, virtual joysticks are used to pilot the quadrocopter. This works amazingly well and reliably. The free FreeFlight Mini app is available for iOS as well as for Android and offers not only functions for piloting the quadrocopter, but also buttons for taking pictures and depending on the used gadget a button for triggering the respective function. Cool is also a take-off and landing function, with the help of which the Parrot Mambo Quadrocopter can be started and landed safely and stably at the push of a button. The range between the smartphone and Quadrocopter is only 20 meters due to the Bluetooth connection. If the range is 60 meters, the optional FlyPad must be purchased.
Conclusion And Recommendation
The Parrot Mambo is fun and thrilled by a stable flight situation and a varied range of functions. Although the Mambo Quadrocopter is slightly more expensive than other mini and fun drones, the toy drone not only features great functions, but also with a practical smartphone control as well as a comprehensive sensor system.