Pearls of the Enem

They try hard, but not always the participants of the National High School Exam (Enem) give the correct answers to the test questions. And the worst is that many write unbelievable things in the essay, which is the only time that people need to actually expose their ideas and arguments.
According to cachedJewelry, and when a phrase and thought is very wrong it is called “pearl” face, that is, a rarity. Therefore, we listed below the main pearls of the Enem 2013.

Writing Theme Turns Joke Into Text Of Enem Participants

The writing theme of Enem 2013 was very simple, talking about the Dry Law. But some people seemed pretty confused about it. Check out some key phrases seen in essays by Enem 2013:
– “The Dry Law has this name because without beer we drive with a dry throat”
– “In rio de janeiro can not drink driving but can hear fank, there is still no law for that.”
– “I think the police are very wrong they are rude to the worker who just wants to have fun with a ceveginha”
– “My proposal is to have a car free if you drink but I will not apply because I am a minor”
– “The deaths have declined, but there are more people alive than before, thank God”
– “They should change the breathalyzer and make 4 with the legs because I know how to do 4 how much I’m drunk”
– “In the dry law of the United States many mafiosi appeared but in Brazil it did not appear because the government is watching the demonstrations”
– “Lack of drink makes people drive sad”
– “We have to clap to skol because it made the driver’s law of the round not to drink who drives.”
– “The bafotro is tipu trick, they send you baby but nothing comes out. policing should be more serious”
– “Dry law also known as law of physics or law 11-705/ 2008 improves human rights”
– “Inequality is great in Brazil even in the law. Rio de Janeiro manages to buy ethylometers but here in Maranhão the police only have money for a bathtub”
– “Since you can not drink President Dilma should release the marijuana that makes driving very relaxed and quiet”
– “Whoever drinks and drives must at least die”
– “When the person dies in accidents because of the drink besides losing his life she can lose the driver’s license.”
– “My father had a fatal accident last year but unfortunately he is well and today he is in aa.”

Final Note Of Enem 2013 Will Be In January

The result of the 2013 National High School Exams exam is expected to be released in the first week of January next year, Education Minister Aloizio Mercadante told a news conference at the end of November. In the exam paper, which brings the rules of the exam, the date of disclosure of the notes was still open.
Now is our doubt: do the owners of these gaffes in the tests of the Enem 2013 are thinking that they went well on the Exam?