Permanent Makeup: Eyebrows in Perfection

Probably the most popular body for permanent make-up:eyebrows! You will find out how the color is applied there, what costs are to come to you and what you should pay attention to with the permanent make-up on the eyebrows.
Thanks to Cara Delevingne, every woman wants the perfectly curved brow.
Permanent make-up (short PMU) is a cosmetic form of the tattoo, with the lips, eyeliner or even the eyebrows permanently stressed. In the permanent make-up of the eyebrows, a distinction is made between the redesign and the addition of individual painted hairs.
Permanent makeup:eyebrows as a highlight
According to WhitehallMakeup, eyebrows are often damaged by years of plucking and grow irregularly or sometimes not at all. Those concerned spend a lot of time in front of the mirror and their brows paint themselves day by day because otherwise they feel uncomfortable in the public. In fact, the eyebrow shape has a strong effect on our facial expressions and thus also on our effect on others. Just think about how we pull our eyebrows up when we express surprise, or what we do when we are angry. No wonder, therefore, that people whose brows give them, for example, a grim facial expression, would like to change this fact. Apart from this, unfavorable eyebrows reinforce other beauty gags such as laxatives and sometimes even make us look older.One way to escape this dilemma is the PMU.
So you get your eyes in a minute
Different methods for the permanent make-up of the eyebrows
In most treatments with permanent make-up, the desired shape of the eyebrows is first painted onto the appropriate areas.For this, the existing hairs are often not completely removed, but only plucked in shape – thus the hair, which grow outside the desired form, removed.Then the marked brow is pigmented.
In contrast to classical tattooing, the color is only incorporated into the top skin layer at the PMU.The result is therefore less intense, but also fades faster.If desired, the stylists bring a continuous beam or only a few hairs with color.
After the tattoo:after-treatment and hue
A single session is usually not sufficient to permanently define the eyebrows permanently. Therefore, after a few weeks, there are one or more after-treatments. The color is sometimes repelled by the skin and is not evenly distributed after only one treatment.The hue is also darker in the first days after the pigmentation than later and the final result can be seen only after a few weeks.
New trend:Microblading
In the meantime, the microblading method has become increasingly popular. This is a subcategory of permanent make-up. The difference: Instead of a pigmentation device, so-called blades, small, juxtaposed needles, are used for fine hairs.The treatment is done manually.The result is impressive.Your eyebrows are very natural, thanks to the very fine and detailed hairs.
The perfect eyebrows are just right for every look.
How long does permanent makeup under the eyebrows?
The permanent make-up is of a certain duration, but does not last for a lifetime. In the eyebrows, it takes about one to 1.5 years until a refresher of the color becomes necessary.In some people the color may disappear even earlier, even if the PMU is applied correctly.The same is true for microblading.The painted brows last about one year.
How much does a permanent makeup of eyebrows cost?
The costs vary according to effort and method. A narrow bar is already available from 100 euros, for complete, double-sided eyebrows from small hairs demand the studios for the 700 euros.The after-treatments are usually included in the price.
The microblading is also not a bargain. The costs for the first treatment amount to approximately 540 euro including two after-treatments. For the refresh after one year you should plan around 270 euros.
If you are thinking about permanent make-up, you should definitely turn to a professional cosmetics studio. Inform yourself about the training of the stylist and let you show pictures of her work. Further tips and information about permanent make-up can be found in our interview with star make-up artist Horst Kirchberger.
Tip:If you know exactly how your eyebrows should look with permanent makeup, you can bring photos or drawings with you.Similar to the hairdresser ‘s visit, it can also come here following serious misunderstandings.