Personalized Skin Care Routine

Now even the beauty goes in the direction of the tailor made. We are not all alike, so here we tell you to do 3 services at home or in the salon that you will change the face, color and hair …
In fashion tailor made primarily it means cool, sophisticated and expensive (but quality), in beauty have tailored products and treatments really makes a difference. Think of your skin, your hair or the color you would like. Surely it is different from the skin color and hair of your friend, or your sister or your worst enemy (damn, but it has a very light skin argh!). This is to say that the tailor-made services are really the turning point. Us we sampled a bit ‘and here you’ll talk.


What? In practice it is a serum tailored created (and I mixed at the time) just for you based on the needs of your skin, after a test on your lifestyle or with the advice of an expert in the store .
How do you find the right cocktail of supplements?  My Daily Dose is so versatile that it can reach 84 different combinations of sera, and fighting various skin problems in one simple action.Therefore, if your skin needs a combination of protection, anti-aging and radiance or just an extra dose of antioxidants, you can get everything in a single application. Cool!
Where to take the test?  In the shop (in Milan in Via Fiori Chiari 7) or on the website.


What is it?  It is a treatment for hair structured according to the characteristics of your hair. It start doing a test in the lounge thanks to an app on tablets “Energy Code Mapping.”  What do you like your hair? How do you perceive them? How long? What are ruined? And so on … At the end of the test it returns a true “Energy Code” code that will indicate what are the System Professional products for you, and how you have to match them to get the best out of your hair. He thinks that there are 174 million possible combinations. Brilliant!
But what is the Energy Code?  A real code that interpreted dall’haistylist indicates which references to use. To Poppy Delevingne (testimonial System Professional along with sister Chloe) is: S1 + R3 + L4 + R6.
Where to get tested? In System Professional salons. We have tried the treatment Sara Hilow, living in the heart of Milan in Largo Toscanini 1.


What?  The Pigments are pure pigments to customize all hair care treatments, from shampoo to styling.There are 6 colors of pigments, but the hairdresser can create a custom for you because you can mix to create your own custom color!
How does it work? In the lounge, with the help of the hairdresser, you can choose what is the most suitable pigment to you. You can do it on all hair, only on the lengths, or just out in clumps. In fact, this product can be applied to mixing it with the shampoo, the mask, or even to styling products. The pure pigments rely on the hair, do not penetrate, which is why the color lasts from 3 to 5 washes. At home you can continue with the same product used in the salon. In practice: the hairstylist will suggest that shampoo and mask which mix with the color of your choice. Easy!
Where? In the halls Alfaparf Milano.