Petra Ecclestone Donates Designer Shoes

Petra Ecclestone donates their old shoes.
The daughter of formula one boss Bernie Ecclestone has a weakness for designer clothes and especially shoes. However, it emits many couples to a charity organization in Croatia, the country was born her mother Slavica Radic. “I have almost an entire collection of footwear,” she reveals. “I send out every three to four months a whole load for Croatia.” Therefore, there is now at least a small town, whose women are equipped with designer shoes in the country, jokes.
The 22-year-old is not the only celebrity who is strong in terms of charity; even model Naomi Campbell not to forget their roots and sees in them the reason which she nowadays is strong for others.
Only last month became known, that the model is honored for his charity projects in the framework of the Angel ball in New York in October. The event is organised by the Angel Foundation, which focuses on cancer research. Denise Rich, who created the Organization in the life after her daughter Gabrielle leukemia died, praised the model as an “incredible woman” that much for “non-profit making. She has her own charity and has taken money for Haiti and the fight against AIDS this summer.”