Philips Hue Phoenix: New LED Product Range for White Light

Philips expands its portfolio of smart-home lighting fixtures to the new product series “Philips hue Phoenix”. The five lamps allow white light in all shades and thus light scenes for different moments and occasions.
A cosy evening atmosphere until down to a powerful, revitalizing light at the start of the day – with hue Phoenix can be vary and intelligent control lighting in the entire home at your fingertips. From April 2015 Phoenix as downlight and wall, table, ceiling and pendant comes hue in the trade.
“White light is an integral part of our everyday life, we use it every day in every room,” explains Philips CEO Roger Karner. “Philips hue Phoenix we have implemented in our knowledge of the biological effects of light. For example, how different light affects our sleep wake rhythm and how our body in sleep recovered. The default light recipes can help us to come in the morning, while working to better concentrate and dinner faster to relax.”
Light recipes to concentrate, read, relax and energy fueling the lighting by means of the hue-app for free in any light intensity between warm white candle-lit atmosphere and brilliant, daylight-like light color can vary. Hue enable more than 200 apps as well as Hue recipes on FOURSQUARE (if this than that) Moreover, countless opportunities, continuing to connect the lighting and control.
Phoenix can used with the entire spectrum of shades of white and five different lights is hue universally throughout the home. It is particularly suitable for rooms that require a different warm or cool functional lighting depending on the situation or time. The stylish table lamp is, for example, ideal for work and living areas. As downlight, creates a brilliantly clear hue Phoenix in hallway, hallway and bathroom as needed optional or Dim cozy lighting. The Wall lamp in the bedroom can facilitate standing up with gently high regulatory sunrises.
The design of the lights is particularly: fine, hexagonal cells on the outer surface of the Leuchtengeh uses reflect the light and let it subtly sparkle before it is soft spread in the room. Also you can change the appearance of the light depending on the angle of view of the observer, as it would be hue Phoenix in which a living object, light emitted from its interior.
The lights allow by Philips hue known diversity smarter smart home features. Integrated in a hue network they contribute, for example, to the safety, by user lighting also by travelling change, automate, or connect with other smart home components. For example, with motion sensors, door and window contacts, or smoke detectors. When approaching a member of the family home, the lighting can turn on automatically, and at bedtime, if the sensors register no movement, Phoenix turns off hue light in individual rooms or fix it gently on the night light level down. Discreet light signals at the entrance to important emails or a lighter, recondition atmosphere in rain or cloudy weather show how versatile hue with network Internet services such as weather data can be.
Hue Phoenix can be integrated seamlessly into existing hue networks and connect with all other lamps and lighting of the friends of hue series. Newcomers the intelligent home lighting can set up very easy. Only the functionality requires an Internet connection with wireless router. As soon as the hue bridge associated with it and the free hue app installed on your own Smartphone or Tablet is that the app detects the new lamps and the user can get started. Alternatively to the control using the mobile device tap can be hue using conventional light switches and the mobile light switch hue operated.