Phonechievements, Converts Using Android in a Constant Challenge

Get achievements for using your mobile phone a is given, that is the idea of Phonechievements, an application that gives you achievements based on certain actions that you make with your smartphone. The idea is an example of gamification, get to implement elements of video games to promote actions in real life.
The reward, rather than give you something physical, is based on the so-called merit that can give you get to do something that some may consider having some difficulty. Even so, the idea is totally humorous, with achievements coming to rub the absurd and that would really be to applaud in case that will stick to make.
There are simple achievements, such as receive 10 SMS, have all installed Andry Birds games or an app that needed root. But they are also the achievements impossible and absurd, turn on and turn off screen 1200 times in 24 hours, disconnecting Wifi and mobile data for five consecutive days, that when you jump the low battery warning make a ten minute call and send five SMS or keep your phone on for six months in a row.
They are clearly absurd situations that few dare to try to, but it is well remember that this application is primarily humorous. You can fairly serve if you want to show off some peers to do some actions with the mobile.

Phonechievements Version 1.13

  • Version of Android: Since 2.0
  • Developer: PixelMark
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: free
  • Category: Games