Picture of Flowers Special Mother’s Day

Gets the day of the mother, a festive day in the calendar, and come to my memory the most beautiful thoughts and memories of my childhood, as he did the craft to this day, so special at the College, although I must confess a little secret: “was never very good at crafts” lol, and as managed them me, to keep it at home, while my mother not see him, but it took so many par discomfort anything since at the end always delivering it has, before the day… pure innocence girl. For this special day, I wanted to do something striking and as mothers they are flowers more beautiful in the world, I wanted to use roses for this purpose and as always I like to reuse other objects I wanted to enter it, this ugly and old-fashioned picture frame for and as always in my line is low cost (low cost) so I leave the tutorial so that you can do your selves. I leave you with the step by step.

Picture frame.
Bouquet of fabric.
White satin acrylic paint.
Silicone gun.
3 cm wide slats.

We took measurements of the frame, and mark them in wooden slats, to then cut with the saw, to make a frame and attach to the frame. As seen in the pictures 1-2 and 3.

We put the wooden slats forming a rectangle with them and join in the 4 corners, with nails.

With a screwdriver or punch, we will remove staples from the back of the frame to remove it.

With white Carpenter’s glue paste frame rectangle of wood and fasten with cats so that you stick well, let dry about 6 hours. And once dry, place the rear with nails, but this time in the wood frame which we have manufactured. As shown in the picture 4-5 and 6.

We apply a coat of primer or sealer, all picture, to facilitate the adherence of the paint, as the frame is made of metal and let dry, the time recommended by the manufacturer, once dry apply two coats of acrylic paint color white satin, by lightly sanding between coats, finish giving a coat of wax to protect the paint.

The following will be separate bouquet roses, so use tongs or pliers, and cut the wire to go away all the roses.

Separate once all the roses begin to glue them one by one.

Add legend

So that they are well attached to us have to use the hot silicone and apply a good portion of tail!without skimping product, so that we have a good adhesion and not delaminate.

” TRUCONSEJO”: To avoid roses breaks off us, the best thing is to do the following: once you apply the hot glue, put the rose and strongly pressed it about 10 seconds, and we will make sure that this is well attached.

We will gradually hitting with patience all the roses to complete the picture and be as as beautiful as the image. Remember that this only is an “idea” but it has many uses, it occurs to me to cover a small wall with roses. Paste in the main wall also forming a headboard, and even glued in a rectangle of plywood to decorate any showcase in a store… etc,… Etc.

From here, I wish to congratulate all the mothers of the world having a happy day.

If you have any questions on how to do this craft or another, just ask it I’ll be happy resolve it, leaving me your question in the comments, as soon as box will solve it yourself.

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Picture of Flowers Special Mother's Day 1

Picture of Flowers Special Mother's Day 2

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